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An Introduction to Ayurveda Courses

In modern world, the relevance of Ayurveda has reached an all-time high. Today, the world is going through a phase of health sparsity. Almost all major issues in a person’s life are related to health and fitness. The biggest problem is that the generation is finding it hard to find an ideal solution.

Ayurveda courses are the most authentic way to remain healthy and make others fit. For these reasons, more and more people are getting attracted towards this Indian born science and embracing its healing beauty.

In the field of Ayurveda education, there are four major courses, in addition to numerous Ayurvedic treatment programs. Let’s talk about these courses and their importance.

Ayurveda Cooking Course

The art of cooking has a special place in the science of Ayurveda. Since the ancient discipline follows the theory of healthy living of which wholesome eating is an integral part, cooking plays an amazing part it. In an era when fat-loaded packaged foods are vastly prominent, Ayurvedic art of cooking is even more imperative. Aspirants learn how to cook Ayurvedic cuisines, along with getting introduced to various herbal diets. Ayurveda follows complete vegetarianism and students of cooking courses are made acquainted with 10 different types of Ayurvedic meals. The relation between Ayurveda, lifestyle, and food is also discussed during the program. Learn about the impact of various types of food on human health. Understand the roles of three doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha in deciding the nature of a human body, in addition to the effects of different food types. Ayurvedic cooking courses in India makes aspirants aware of the ways to improve the digestive abilities.

Ayurveda Beauty Therapy Course

The 5000 years old healing science of Ayurveda believes that beauty comes from within. Ayurvedic beauty courses are organized with an aim to balance the whole body to gain healthy skin and beautiful external appearance. Various Ayurvedic methods are applied to pacify the doshas and harmonize the body. Rishikul Ayurshala’s advanced technique consists of practical and theoretical wisdom. Hair massage, removal of dark patches from the face, getting rid of pimples, etc. are some of the major processes in a practical way. Aspirants undergo steam bath, hand-foot care treatment, and intense skin care during the course. The program is also an opportunity to learn practical ways of keeping the body and skin healthy.

Massage Therapy Course

Under massage courses, students are mastered in the art of massage and spa therapy. Fundamental knowledge of Panchakarma is also a part of this therapy course. Treatment of various diseases with herbal massage is the key component of the Ayurvedic training. Learn about the basic principles of Ayurvedic massage techniques and gain hands-on experience in this art. The Ayurveda training in India will make you understand the ways to perform Abhyanga, Podikizhi, Shirodhara, and many other types of massages. Students also learn how to prepare various herbal medicines to use in massage therapy with the help of numerous medicinal plants.

Basic Awareness Ayurveda Courses

For Ayurveda aspirants who are new to this healing world, institutes across the world offer awareness programs. Such training events are intended towards making the students acquainted with all the major philosophies of Ayurveda, in addition to the fundamentals of this science. The course comprises of Ayurveda, Yoga, lifestyle and the act of implementing Ayurvedic principles in life. You will understand the benefits of following an Ayurvedic way of living. Being in the vicinity of time-served Ayurveda experts, you will learn about the aims and objectives of the healing science. Detailed knowledge of Panchakarma treatment is also discussed during the training. Theoretical learning is the major focus during this course.

Manmohan Singh
Manmohan Singh
Manmohan Singh has been a practitioner of yoga and Ayurveda for the last 12 years. He is managing director of Rishikul Ayurshala, an authentic Ayurveda training institute. The Institute offers Ayurveda courses in Kerala India and Ayurveda cooking classes in kerala India. The institute’s goal is to provide the simplest healing solutions and treatments for multifarious health problems. Apart from the institute management, Manmohan Singh loves to spend time writing, doing photography and traveling.
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