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An Introduction to L Sealers

Shrink packaging is ideal for a wide range of products including foodstuffs, medicines, beverages, skin-care products, mineral water, glass bottles, hardware, software, printing and electronic items. The advanced L Sealer machines automatically convey the finished products through conveyer belt. The products then undergo packaging, sealing and cutting.

The Shrink wrapper applies heat so that the film around the product will shrink. In addition to automated L Sealers, manual as well as semi-automatic machines are also available. The L Sealer machine meets all packaging needs and packaging demands of your products. L Sealers provide speedy and cost-effective solution for wrapping of your end products using polyolefin shrink wrap film. The best quality L Sealers ensure speed, amazing performance and value for the money you have invested in the machine.

Package speed requirements

L Sealers are widely used to seal pouches and other types of packages. These machines are vertical or horizontal. The L Sealers with tilt feature will seal the packages keeping their opening upward. This helps prevent spillage. Industries choose L Sealers depending on their package speed requirements. Those who run low volume production normally go for small size L Sealers. For high volume production automated L Sealers are preferred. Depending on type of material and its thickness, either impulse or direct heat Sealers are selected. When the material is thicker, it requires more heat penetration. Also, direct heat Sealers are ideal for foils and coated films. Impulse sealers are comparatively safer and more efficient. Polypropylene, polyethylene, PET and PVC are ideal materials for impulse sealing. Performance of L Sealers depend on time, temperature and pressure.

Special Sealers

Apart from the L Sealers for sealing of pouches, tubes and trays, there are Sealers for sealing cartons and cases also. This type of L Sealers makes use of adhesive tapes to seal the flaps. There are Special Sealers also. Coffee Sealers fall in the category of Special Sealers. This Sealer not only evacuates the package but also provides a gas flush in the package. When the product inside the package is to be protected from crushing, another type of Special Sealer will provide a modified atmosphere inside the package without evacuating it.

Learn about the Sealer and then choose

Impulse and direct heat sealers are ideal for various sealers. The direct heat sealers depend on the sealing bar and heats the bar continuously whereas the impulse sealer heats the bar only when it is used to make a seal. Those who use the manual type L Sealers should possess the skill to correctly operate the Sealer. While choosing a particular type of Sealer, one should have clear idea of its operation.

Keep the probe in the middle of the grow room, away from the light source. You can set the max speed and min speed for the fans using the dials in the controller. When the temperature reading is less than the set temperature, the fan will run at the min speed. But, once the temperature is above the set temperature, the fans will run at the max speed. If you did not buy a probe model, then you have to manually change the speed when required.

Choose the best L Sealer

L Sealers are essential machines to ensure perfection in your packages and run the production smoothly. Those who want to know more about L Sealers and choose the most ideal and the best L Sealer for their business should visit Sontex is a leading supplier of L Sealers of outstanding quality. The technical professionals of the company will help you clear your doubts and choose the best and the most ideal L Sealer for your business.

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