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An Overview Of Raynaud Disease As Far As Ayurveda Evolves

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Raynaud’s disease is a disease where stress or cold temperatures would cause the blood vessels to narrow and this is going to restrict the flow of blood to the fingers. On all counts a suggestion would to opt for an Ayuvedic remedy for Raynaud’s disease as it does not cause any side effects.

Scientists have still not able to figure out the reasons, why because of this disease the blood vessels are known to spam. Though stress or cold temperatures could be the underlying reasons as already mentioned. This is a condition that is more common among the women, with an inherited case and people who tend to reside in the colder climates of the world. In certain cases this disorder can arise even due to lifestyle changes. Smoking or repeated injury at a place are the symptoms.


The symptoms are expected to vary from one person to another; this disorder can cause the body part to turn into white. This is due to stress or even exposure to cold. The attack can emerge from a few seconds to a few hours. Once the flow of blood resumes, the impact region is going to turn into red before it goes on to change colour.

Sometimes people who are suffering from this disorder show up the symptoms in both fingers of the same hand. The intensity of the duration of the attacks is expected to vary. Though this is not that comfortable, people are known to suffer triggers of burning or stinging sensations.

Natural remedies,

Yes to a certain extent there does exist a lack of scientific evidence in treating this disorder. In the case of biofeedback training, people are aware on how to manage their body functions. This means heart rate along with blood pressure. This can be achieved by the use of relaxation methods. Though some healthcare providers suggest the use of this method, to combat body temperature but it also lessens the intensity of attacks.

Research also drives home the point when you consume nutritional supplements this also helps to deal with this disorder. Vitamin B3 is an important nutrient as this causes the blood vessels to dilate, and fosters better levels of circulation to the skin. But still some doubt exists about this treatment form.

In certain cases the healthcare provider might ask you to incorporate some changes. Let us enlist some of them as follows

  • Restricting the use of caffeine
  • When you are exposed to cloth wear protective form of clothing
  • Exercising on a regular basis
  • Quit smoking on an immediate basis
  • Dealing with ways on how to cope up with stress

To conclude, it is really pretty soon as far as the treatment of Raynaud’s disease is concerned. But Raynaud’s’ Ayurvedic medicine seems to be the best remedy in these situations. In case if you feel that a natural approach is the need of the hour speak to your healthcare provider and evaluate the possible risks and benefits. Then only determine whether to go ahead with this treatment form.

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