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Andrew Lloyd Beaver PA's Advice: Don’t treat your clients like a bad ex-girlfriend

This advice is something that Andrew Lloyd Beaver PA lives by and guarantees that it will make your life just as easy as his. Now you might think he is crazy at first for saying this because if you don’t have clients then your livelihood is down the drain. Andrew Lloyd Beaver PA is telling you though that knowing when to dump your clients like a bad girlfriend will actually benefit you more in the long run. He wants to explain to you the three reasons why chasing after a client will kill your business rather than helping you get money and exposure.

The first thing is that if you are chasing down a client and trying to woo them they have already lost all respect for you as a professional. Andrew Lloyd figured out that the more he hounded over a potential client the more desperate they could see he was probably not the best fit for them. Going back to the girlfriend analogy you would never date the guy who was hovering and begging for attention. Andrew Lloyd learned that if instead of chasing clients you just let the serious ones come to you then you will have much more respect from them and you will look more professional and do better business.

Going back, thinking of it as a relationship, the first rule of that is to never solely focus on the other person. The same mentality goes for giving potential clients all your focus and not taking care of yourself. Andrew Lloyd Beaver PA found that he was spending so much time trying to chase clients that he was so burnt out he didn’t have time for himself or his other clients. Chasing them all day resulted in Andrew Lloyd using so much of his time and energy on only one client to get a little bit of money, no repeat business, and no referrals. He found that without chasing clients his time was better managed taking care of other things and his burnout went down with his productivity still rising.

The final reason Andrew Lloyd Beaver PA advises not to chase potential clients is because it can take your time away from the clients that will actually end up making your business grow. It’s like chasing after a mediocre girl to date when there are superstars waiting to see you. They won’t wait forever, and neither will top clients. Andrew Lloyd found that if instead of chasing new clients you focus on making a great experience for your current ones you will be more profitable. A happy client usually equals a profitable client who will keep coming back without you needing to use time and effort to chase them down. Andrew Lloyd just advises that if you have something worthwhile to offer then the clients will come to you and those are the ones you want to focus on rather than chasing down clients that won’t even be worth your while in the long run.

So, get out there and start telling the world what is unique to your business and let them come flocking to you. Follow more marketing articles by Andrew Lloyd Beaver PA.headway 5QgIuuBxKwM unsplash b0bf194a

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