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Andrew Napolitano describe Medicare Act Of USA

If you are an American citizen, you already know the Medicare Act, but you must have heard about it if you are not. This article would let the readers know the thoughts of Andrew Napolitano on what a Medicare Act is, what are its basic purpose and who governs it? Is the Medicare Act useful for the people of America?

The Medicare Act in the USA  was presented 50 years ago, on July 30, 1965. It was presented by the US President named Lyndon B Johnson, who included the Medicare Act into the US law.

Purpose of the Medicare Act:

The Medicare Act provided two unique programmers to the citizens of the United States OF America. It provided health care and medical facilities in two ways. Medicare provides medical facilities to those whose income is low.


The Medicare act is meaningful, and it got accepted after a lot of struggles were made to obtain health insurance facilities. No doubt, The act applies only to part of the American population, the old and the poor, but it was nonetheless an important milestone in healthcare facilities.

The Medicare act is not limited to privileged Americans. It is for the people of entire America. The Medicaid act continues to provide help to those citizens who are not earning well and do not have enough money to pay bills of the doctors and buy medicines for treatment, even outside the hospital premises said, Andrew Napolitano. 

This makes Medicare the most popular program in the US. According to an American healthcare provider named Beatrix Hoffman, the division between the two programs makes a permanent placement of the poor and the more affluent into separate tiers of the healthcare system.   

Similarities Between Medicare and Medicaid :

Another health insurance program named Medicaid is almost similar to the Medicare Act.  These both are expensive and subject to a dispute over eligibility, the services repaid, the total sum given to the hospitals and medical staff. These both also discuss if the entire medical insurance system shall be prioritized or not?

In the USA, National health insurance is very controversial. This can be witnessed by the bitter arguments over the Affordable Care Act, presented in March 2010, under President Barack Obama. The Affordable Care Act itself does not replace Medicare or Medicaid but does make improvements to both programs.

Medicaid at the moment has a minimum income level eligibility across the US, so that less economically states will have to pay more to meet the federal standards. A few states have acknowledged, and others have battled, a proposition to extend Medicaid qualification. How suppliers and supplier establishments will be financed for Medicare administrations under the Affordable Care Act remains unclear. The prolonged political struggle that brought Medicare into continuing today, said Andrew Napolitano.

Who governs the Medicare Act?

The federal government of the country administers Medicare. The act is also funded by taxes paid by US citizens and the businesses or organizations operating in the US. The Act pays for almost half of all medical expenditures for older people. Or the people above age 65 in America.

Did you know that almost 54 million US citizens currently depend on Medicare for their medical expenses and economic security? The Act pays the bills for each visit to the doctor. Also, it makes admission to the hospital possible, especially for the people who are earning low in the American work environment.

Andrew Napolitano further added that each state of America has its own Medicare Act, and the government of each state governs the Medicare act. Because of this course of action, Medicaid plans contrast from one state to another and differ generously. From New York to Georgia and Florida, every state has its own Medicare Act and policies.

Our verdict

The Medicare Act in the USA is not less than a blessing for the people of America. The health insurance program covers the health facilities for the older people- above 65 and for the citizens who are earning less. If you are planning to settle down in America, also review the Medicare Act of the state.

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