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Answering the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Bikes!

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Here comes a new trend -- and people tend to go gaga about it. And the recent trend which has taken almost everyone under its wings is the electric bike. No doubt you love your car, motorcycles, and even your regular cycles a lot, but the charm and excitement of riding an electric bike is unmatched. Wondering why? Because it brings upon a totally new experience of bike riding with its motors and batteries. We are sure your curiosity is building up after reading all these. Don’t worry, we will answer all your queries about electric bikes in this post.

 FAQs About Electric Bikes.

The electric bikes from E-Ozzie – also, electric scooter for adult or kid bikers -- are truly awesome and worth buying. They have been selling the best quality of electric bikes for years and have loads of happy customers. But it’s natural to have some questions buzzing in your mind when you go to buy this bike. Find the answers to them below:

  1. What is that special thing about the electric bikes? — The very special thing about an electric bike is that it totally changes your experience of bike riding. The electric version of your regular bikes contains a battery and a motor which is perfectly connected to your rear wheels.

  2. What kinds of modes can you enjoy in an electric bike? — An electric bike lets you enjoy various kinds of experiences in a single vehicle. Like -- when you just want to pedal like your normal bike, you can switch on the pedal mode. But if you want to pedal and need some help from the motor and the battery as well, then turn on the pedelec mode. Herein, you just have to pedal twice or thrice, and the battery activates making your pedalling procedure easier. Then there is also a throttle mode through which you just have to switch on the battery and the bike starts moving like a motorcycle, but at a lower speed. And you can also opt for the walk mode that keeps the bike on a constant moderate speed so that you don’t have to huff and puff to push the entire weight.

  3. How much time does it take for the battery to get charged? — Normally, the battery takes around 2-3 hours to get charged.

  4. Do you require a license to ride an electric bike? — No, you don't require any kind of license to ride an electric bike. But you can confirm the rules and regulations about the same in your county or city.

  5. What is the speed limit to ride an electric bike? — The normal speed limit that almost all the countries of the world follow for an electric bike is from 24 kilometers per hour to 29 kilometers per hour.

  6. Can I lock the battery of the electric bike? — Yes, the battery connected to your bike can easily be locked and you can even use a key to open the same.

  7. Does the battery get charged by pedaling? — No, the batteries attached to your electric bikes can only be charged through electricity and no amount of pedaling can increase its life.

  8. Where can I ride my electric bike? — Your electric bikes are totally like your regular ones and you can ride them wherever you like. For example, if you want to go on hiking hills with this bike, it is possible. If you want to ride on the regular roads, paths, parks, then even this is possible with the help of an electric bike.

  9. Are electric bikes heavier than the regular ones? — Most people tend to hesitate buying an electric bike because they think it is heavier. Let us tell you that an electric bike is just a few pounds heavier than your regular one and that too only because of the motors and batteries attached to it.

  10. Is servicing an electric bike different from a regular bike? — Yes, servicing an electric bike is totally different from your regular one. It is because the regular bike consists of the normal wheels, chain, and brakes -- and these tend to show issues very frequently. While the motor, brakes, pedals, and batteries of an electric bike hardly show any issue and you just require servicing them after certain intervals through an expert repairer.


We are sure now you have clarity about electric bikes and their perks. Now you can buy an electric bike confidently to savor all the boons.

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