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Anthony Lapadula - Simple Tips to Beat Stress in Business

Anthony Lapadula

Anthony Lapadula, being a business executive at Aegis Capital Corp, knows what it takes to make a business stand and sustain it through all kinds stress. He has experienced various types of stress and has learned to overcome them. A business professional aiming to reach the top ranks will undoubtedly experience varying degrees and sources of stress at certain times. Businesses of all types, small as well as large have stressors of different types. Not everyone focuses on the best ways of reducing their stress levels, especially when that stress feels personal to the individual.
There are some highly effective methods of keeping stress in control and conducting business activities smoothly. Learn these methods and despite what is occurring in one’s personal and professional life, we believe you will be able to ward off the negative effects of stress.

  • Remember the positive aspects of your life

People generally concentrate on certain sectors of their life (primarily the negative or worst performing parts), ignoring the major parts of their lives that are actually doing well. Take paper and pen and make a note of the things that are working smoothly in your life. You're sure to be surprised when you see that the list is pretty long. Now, stick this note in a place that it is visible throughout the day. Following this, your mood and perspective will change quickly.

  • Be clear about the to do list

Clarity brings serenity. Sometimes, people feel stressed about the amount of work they have to do. It is always advisable to be extremely precise about the tasks a person needs to do. Highlight the crucial tasks and you will find that mountains of work become mole hills, which are more easily managed and conquered.

  • Try the breath therapy

Entrepreneurs and business professionals that operate in a generally stressful enviroment should try a simple exercise –

  1. “take a deep breath”
  2. “while exhaling the air, count back from 3, and imagine that all stress and problems are also leaving”

Repeating this 3 times. You'll be surprised at how relaxing this technique can be, and you should find that the immediate stress of the situation has dissipated. While this technique works in the short term, it's a solid tool to have in your stress management toolkit.

  • Help others

One of the best techniques to reduce stress is to remove the attention from oneself. When an individual devotes time in helping people around him/her, they get less time to think about their own problems. Sound strange? They have a connection! One of the reasons stress is commonly seen in corporate professionals is that they are incessantly thinking of their situations and issues. One needs to keep a balance between the their own issues and being cognizant of the problems faced by others. This thought process will add drastically to your leadership skill set and you may find that helping others gives them opportunity to help you in return. You may also discover a new technique for solving one of your very issues, by helping others with theirs. There is nothing more gratifying than lending a helping hand to
others, or showing generosity.

  • Keep the surrounding environment clean

Wayne Dwyer, a reputed personal development professional, said, “You can tell the state of a person's mind by the state of their car.” As one focuses on their surrounding environment, they gain more control over themselves. A renowned behavioral psychologist named Martin Seligman has proved that the wellbeing of an individual and their feelings of self-control have a strong correlation.

You should keep on practicing these techniques to keep yourself stress-free. Too much stress in business life can generate a depressing feeling. It is necessary to improve one’s situation by becoming aware of the techniques that can be used to reduce stress in your life. The next time you feel stress at work, you should try any of these methods. It is important to try and remember not to give power to the sources of stress in your life. While it is acceptable to sort out the causes of your stress, dwelling on the cause indefinitely can lead to a crippling feeling. Instead, it is best
to devote energy to the solutions necessary to overcome the sources of stress in your life, and manage the stress in a sublime way. These techniques can effectively reduce stress and improve yourperformance at work.

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