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AOL Email Hacked Or Blocked

Emails are generally used to exchange information through the internet. Emails are often used for both personal as well as professional needs. This email service caters to all the needs of the users with the utmost efficiency. Even though they have given great focus to the aspect of the security of the users, there are times when the AOL email gets blocked or hacked. This is situations which the users cannot completely avoid. Sometimes such situations can be crucial as your data can fall into the wrong hands. Hence it is important that the users have a complete understanding of how to handle such a situation. For this, the users can run through this complete blog, or they even have the option of connecting with AOL customer support number where they would get a complete understanding of the issue.

Steps to follow when AOL Email account is hacked or blocked

Once you realize that the security of your email account has been compromised, then the steps that you would have to undertake are as given below:

Step 1: Change the password of your email account

When you sense that your account has been hacked, then the first thing that you would have to do is change the password of your account.  This way, you would be able to protect your email account from being hacked again. The users should make sure that the new password that you create is strong and secure. To make sure that your password is strong and secure, it should have a minimum of 12 characters, which should also include numbers, symbols, and capital letters.

Step 2: Run an Anti-virus scan on the system

If your system is seen to be affected by any virus or malware, then this would make it easier for the hackers and gain access to your account. This would then mean that the information that you have in your account would be at the risk of being stolen easily. To avoid such a situation, it is suggested that the users updated the antivirus software that they have on their system. Hence it is essential to keep your system protected from virus or malware attacks.

Step 3: Update the security details

It is also suggested that the users add some additional security features to improve the security of your AOL email account. The users have the option of updating their mobile number on their email account, which would make it easier for them to reset and recover their AOL email password. It is also suggested that users change the account security questions frequently.

These are some of the most effective ways in which the users can solve the issue of their AOL email account being hacked or blocked. This is a serious issue which has to be dealt with a lot of care. In a situation like this, the users would have the option of connecting with AOL number . This service is available throughout the day and is completely free of cost. The executive would ensure that the issue has been eradicated from the root cause at the earliest.

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