Apex Legends: According to the Respawn Ceo, New Maps Could Be Included to the Title


Apex Legends has made an impactful entry, and within a span of a week, it crossed 10 million mark of in-game players. This free to play battle royale shooter title has plenty of content for gamers, and quality optimization makes it much more presentable and user-friendly.

As Vince Zampella, CEO at Respawn has suggested that if the Apex Legends successfully gains similar response as received during the launch and gains enough popularity, then they would include more content including weapons, items, modes and maps for fans to enjoy.

 Zampella further said, this is just the beginning of our journey, and there will be a lot more of content which players would experience in the following year and for next ten years, but only if the game receives enough traction amongst the fan of battle royale.

Many pro players would quickly point out that various other games have already included different maps or lactations to indulge players with a variety of options to explore. Apex Legends would not be the first one to include new maps and locations as similar titles like PUBG and Fortnite have already done so.

PUBG has included a total of four maps for players to experience different climatic conditions and different weathers. The four different maps Erangle, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi, provides players with changing dynamics, weapons, and landscape for them to have a unique experience with every other map.

Developers at Respawn are slowly analyzing the current game response from the players and trying to resolve any issues in the game as recently the title experienced a connection issue for players.

It is not farfetched to observe the introduction of new locations, characters, and weapons in the future updates but the inclusion of map is something only time can tell. Community members are speculating ways in which Apex Legends would include new content in the game.

Although Fortnite has currently one map available for players to battle on, but it keeps on including new locations for players to explore and accomplish tasks on a single map. Still, it seems like Respawn is going to follow the PUBG model of including new content with every new update.

We will have to wait and observe the progress of Apex Legends, that if it even manages to create a regular user base and active players, as including new content would be useless if there will be no players playing the game.

Hopefully, Apex would manage to sustain itself for coming months, and new players join the game, which would motivate the team of developers and encourage them to develop new content for the game.

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