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Apex Legends: New Havoc Energy Rifle and Its Attachments Revealed

Respawns latest title Apex Legends is becoming immensely popular amongst the fans of battle royale genre, and players are pretty hyped to explore this latest addition.

With the remarkable popularity for Apex Legends, Respawn is set to release its first new weapon to the game. This new weapon namely Havoc Energy Rifle is indeed a weapon to deal havoc on the enemies.

Havoc Energy Rifle is a hitscan weapon which denotes; there is no bullet drop or delay in Select Receiver attachment enabled charge mode. To experience this new weapon, players can access Apex Legends on any device and start using it similar to other weapons in the title.

The Havoc Energy Rifle is a fully automatic rifle which has a short delay between pulling the trigger and bullets start to fire. This delay in the firing of bullets makes them immensely energized and deals enormous damage on enemies.

Due to such deadly blow, this latest weapon is considered to be equivalent to the Hemlok which has the highest damage per shot in comparison to the other in-game AR weapon in the title.

Interestingly Havoc has other unique characteristics which no other weapon in Apex Legends provides. Havoc comes with two different hop-up attachments which have their unique functionality.

Both the attachments include their specific advantage which is capable of destroying the enemies. The Turbocharger Hop-up reduces the delay time, making Havoc a deadly weapon which no enemy can defend.

On the other hand, Select Fire Receiver hop-up attachment converts the Havoc into a single firing weapon which has a single blast, but this single blast can knock the enemy in no time.

With this first weapon added to Apex Legends, it is clear that Respawn is ready to roll out new extended content for the title. It is not farfetched to witness more weapons to be added in the future and many members feel that soon we may also observe new playable characters to be added to the title.

Battle Royale genre is very hit amongst gamers and seeing this trend, developers at Respawn are coming up with innovative ideas and in-game interactions which no other title have provided yet.

With the inclusion of Havoc Energy Rifle players and fans are speculating what additional content is planned for the future and how the game interactions would change with new content.

Currently, it seems Apex Legends is ahead of its planned schedule as the title has received a lot of positive response from the gaming community.

Let’s see, how Respawn makes this trending title last for the upcoming ten years as developers have pre-announced that they are looking forward to making Apex Legends last for coming ten years.

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Source: https://daviseducationsource.wordpress.com/2019/02/28/apex-legends-new-havoc-energy-rifle-and-its-attachments-revealed/

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