Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Apex Legends: Piggybacking Players Will Soon Be Banned In The Future!

As per the recent community update for the hit Battle Royle style title, Apex Legends has hinted towards some of the changes that could be witnessed in the future updates for the game.

The said patch for the Apex Legends title is believed to repair the perk bug, some minor issues associated to hit registration and the major issue related to PS4 crash. Jay Frechette, community manager further added that the team of developers at Respawn is planning to ban a commonly used technique namely Piggybacking.

Prissily the Piggybacking refers to the strategy utilized by some players that involve zero interactions in the game to subsidize the chances of any combat. Mainly in Apex Legends, Battle Pass holders gain experience for the time they manage to survive in the match due to which many players formulate their strategy to not indulge in any duels in the match and rather try to survive for as long as possible in the math to gain maximum experience possible in each match.

But this strategy sadly impacts the entire squad of such players and result in early elimination due to lack of teamwork. Such players who try to implement their Piggybacking technique usually don’t pick up any weapon or item in the game, and instead, they draft off on their teammates to survive which creates some really challenging scenarios for other squad mates.

Many players simply get Away From their Keyboards as soon as the match initiates which creates some very dire situations for other team players as they end up having less number of active players in comparison to other teams.

Still, the upcoming fix would not impact the dynamics of Solo hunting as if a player is playing a solo vs. solo or solo vs. squad mode then they would only impact the gameplay of their own instead of any other player. But players will indeed have to do something while playing a match as the ban would affect any such player who simply takes a roundabout tour of the in-game map and don’t pick or use any weapon or item.

Respawn is trying to take all such measures which could maintain the game balanced and validate the gameplay of each and every individual. Currently, it is not clear as if the players who are caught Piggybacking while playing Apex Legends would face a temporary or permanent ban.

Still may community members and fans are speculating that the upcoming patch would include a scheme to warn the defaulters initially and if the action is continuously repeated than a provision of a permanent ban is also available. Let’s see how soon will the developers at Respawn include these critical features in the game and improve the in-game experience for all the fans of Apex Legends.

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