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Apparel Returns: An Expensive Problem For The Online Fashion Industry

Apparel returns have been the biggest challenge ever faced by the ecommerce fashion industry, which has doubled since the introduction of mass-produced clothing.

With diverse shapes and dimensions, the human body doesn't permit itself to get into the uniform standards of clothing size, which is why the problem keeps on arising from brand to brand and even within a single brand's product mix.

Online Fashion Buyers Struggle To Find The Right Fit

Searching for fashion online brings more difficulties along with it. Since we are bound to rely on the information present online, like the sizing charts, images, product descriptions shared by brands. It is pretty tricky to understand whether their apparel would appear the same as what they have visualized while buying it. 

Infact, a survey conducted by Narvar based on the customer experience affirmed that one of the main reasons customers opted for return was the wrong size, color, or fit. While another survey conducted by Yopto showed that 79% of shoppers were dissatisfied by either quality or fit, leading to opt for the return option. 

These problems primarily arise with people placing an order engaging in a method called "bracketing." Bracketing is when people intentionally purchase multiple items and then return the ones that don't suit them. 

Brand Loyalty Suffers When Customers Make Returns

It is not just the cost that the business incurs while managing the bracketing customers but also the related financial backlash resulting from processing returns. 

When a brand fails to match up with the customers' requirements despite numerous option availability, the risk of losing credibility in the eyes of consumers arises. Repeat customers, too, might become anxious and feel frustrated if they cannot find the sizes they need.

Moreover, the studies showed that around 31% of customers don't return to the retailer; they had a problematic return experience. 

While failing to satisfy a customer is bad enough, the price of distressed fashion access doesn't finish there. Social record is an intense hack of online businesses. Poor customer reviews can lead new customers to look down upon the brand hampering brand loyalty and overall image. 

Apparel Returns Add To Expenses Reducing Revenues

As per the U.S. Postal Service reports, the processing cost of a single apparel return counts upto $10 on average. And this cost is a sum-up of expenses excluding the expense of sorting and redistributing merchandise after the return process. Further, the expenses can rise if the apparel returned doesn't go with the season or the prevailing fashion trend, leading to holding the stock and the expenses required to keep them the same until the stock is sold again. 

What leads to more expenses is when the returned material is let out for sale but doesn't reach the shopper's cart.  

Bottom Line

Though the pandemic has paved the way for online retailers, the whole path yet requires a sound shape to make up the remaining cliches in the shopping experience.  

Online retailers must explore innovative resolutions to conquer consumer apparel returns, sustain the momentum and satisfy customers' demands while improving revenue and reducing waste.


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