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Appliances You Need to Run a Successful Salon

When creating the successful salon of your dreams, there's a lot more for you to worry about than where you'll be located or how much you'll charge for your services. For instance, what equipment do you need to purchase before opening your doors? Beyond the basics, like styling tools and products, you'll need to consider a few particular appliances and furnishings to start your salon off on the right foot. From an air conditioner and heater to the proper lighting around the vanity, every detail of your salon space will work together to draw clients in and keep them coming back.

Lighting Options

Of course, you need adequate light for your stylists to do their jobs. However, it's just as vital to ensure your lighting is set up for customers' comfort and satisfaction. For instance, LED mirror lights can make their style reveal all the more impactful, shining a literal spotlight on their new hairstyle, cut, or color as they see it in the mirror for the first time.

When your client sees your handiwork, they don't want to have the same experience they'd have glancing in the bathroom mirror at home. Like the rest of their salon visit, this moment—and the LED light that makes it possible—should be something special.

HVAC System

Your salon's brightness and other features will impact your client's experience, but it's even more vital that your HVAC system works toward the same ideal. HVAC, which includes heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, ensures that your salon stays at the comfortable, moderate temperature your guests will be looking for.

Know the five signs you need a new HVAC thermostat and keep the contact information of your nearest technician at hand. Your air conditioner and heating system should be in tip-top shape, keeping your staff and clientele happy. In the process, you can even avoid paying unnecessary energy costs.

Salon Chair

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You know you need salon chairs to open your salon, but how much thought have you given to the chairs you'll be purchasing? Both client and stylist should be comfortable throughout an appointment and function at peak capacity without excess effort. In addition, the chair should be easy to clean and fit the aesthetic of your salon more broadly. Of course, the best salon chairs for your business will be within your budget and covered by a generous warranty. However, your top priority should be making sure that everyone using that chair is content with it. Whether they're sitting there through a long dye process or a quick cut, they should be just as happy with their seat.

Hood Dryer

Less damaging than a standard blow dryer, hooded or bonnet dryers offer another essential piece of the successful salon puzzle. Pay attention to factors like whether a dryer has variable speeds and levels of heat and if it has a timer function.

Cost and aesthetic are essential, too, of course, but, like the other amenities making up your salon, the comfort and functionality of this piece are critical factors. When a customer sits under the hood, their hair should be dried, but, just as significantly, they should be comfortable while they wait.

As you plan your salon and all that goes in it, you're probably dreaming of your stellar staff and charismatic clients. Details like what appliances you're purchasing might not be the first pieces in your daydream. Nevertheless, these are some of the most essential facets of creating a successful salon. Whether you're calling an HVAC technician, adding better lighting, or simply finding the best possible salon equipment, each piece furnishing your salon will contribute to your business' success in the long run.

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