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Application- Suitability Analysis of Industrial Fan

Industrial fans are a vital part of the industries as these fans helps to maintain the proper ventilation and in this way, it helps to circulate fresh air in the work area. In addition, these fans also help to remove odour and ensure a healthy work environment for the employees. Right from the medical to automotive industries to the warehouse or gymnasium can utilize the fans as per the requirement of the industry.

Industrial fan-Things you need to know

The market is flooded with numerous types of industrial fans, and that makes it an arduous task to get rolling onto that one perfect choice. Hence to choose an industrial fan that can meet the requirement of the industry is sometimes quite critical and it seems the buys get confused in this regard.  In order to choose the right fan for there are certain specific things that one should consider:

  • The design procedures including the basic impeller, plane and the underlying hub features become the specific parameters defining various fan-types and the related applications which they cater to.
  • The operational characteristics which significantly prompt directly to the type of industrial fan one must opt are mainly fan blade, fan controlling drive, inlet volume and system resistance.
  • The right combination and the corresponding design specifications make them suitable for many or few applications eventually.

Different types of industrial fan

Let’s look upon the basic industrial applications of those giant blowers and fans and correspondingly peeping into the minor the design criticalities.

High-Temperature Industrial Fans: These large-sized fans get often categorized into subcategories depending upon the inlet volume of pressure that it must cater to. Low, medium and the high-pressure blowers are significantly the resulting types of such fans which find applications in high-temperature furnaces or those soaring high degrees industrial applications. The fluid motion is owing to that centrifugal effect aids in relieving off those significantly high temperatures by triggering the convection currents formation. The design of high-temperature industrial fans covers forward curved fan, backward inclined fan, paddle wheel, plug fan, generally centrifugal fans involved.

  • Industrial Exhaust Fans: Such fans find application in ensuring proper ventilation in industrial spaces by merely replacing the exhaust air with the fresh air and thereby ensuring oxygenation in the entire industrial chamber. The streamlined and the heavy–duty design provide proper propelling of the exhaust air out of the otherwise suffocated chamber. Stream-lined, heavy duty designed is the design of this industrial fan.
  • Material Handling Industrial Fan: Industries like food processing, chemical and the ones dealing with the agricultural by-products often utilize such industrial fan. The pneumatic equipment involved aid in material classification and disposal. Centrifugal fans- radial and high-pressure fans are these types of fan.
  • Saturated Air Fans: This category of industrial fan often finds a more extensive industrial base at its disposal. The humidity combating action in the air is the prime objection of utilizing this specific variant. Analytical designing which offer the best specific performance involves the radial tip fans which at one disposal helps in tearing off gusts of humid air and chemical fumes in the operating chamber essentially. Radial Tip Fans are the type of Saturated Air Fans.

Dust Loading and Fume Extraction fans: The industrial fan which comes under this primary sub-category of material handling fans are characteristically identified by some significant peculiarities namely ‘backward inclined radial tip’ fan designs. Since the static efficiency which such fans must have significantly evolved depending upon the materials to be dealt, hence significant stringent design limitations are posed upon it. You can’t proclaim a regular blower to be capable of sweeping off those giant dusty wind cyclones which are a common sight in the form of saw-dust and soot. This variant of industrial fan often finds application in the air-pollution control projects which may be scheduled by the governing agencies or private firms as well. Coatings, special linings, stainless steel fan air-stream parts are some of its design.

industrial fan3

Before purchase the fan is always a good idea to analyze the design type, utility and the requirement. The probable buyers largely falter in purchasing the right industrial fan which would have otherwise suited well to their stringent specific needs. Hence before you proceed to but the industrial fan always gather knowledge about them.

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