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Are Artificial Trees Flammable? Here’s All You Need To Know for Home Decor

Whether to buy a real tree or an artificial one to garnish the home has been a persistent discourse amongst members of a family.

On the eve of festive occasions, many families pick out the perfect tree ramping through the wood, which is a tradition they nurture. While for some families, they prefer buying artificial ones.

I personally prefer artificial foliage. You get yourself a nearly realistic appearing tree that will not shed its leaves, plus you don’t need to water it. It comes all decorated and beautified. But do you need to worry about the flammability of this festive adornment?

Or, in general, your artificial trees might mistakenly catch fire with a lighter or maybe some sort of heat source. Will it burn to crisps then?

Are artificial trees flammable? Natural trees that are withered and sun-baked are likely to go up in flames when it comes in contact with fire but is the same criterion inclusive to artificial trees as well

Fake trees have their own set of flame safety lookouts. Let’s find out!

Are Artificial Trees Flammable?

The answer is actually YES. But they are remarkably safer in contrast. They are not likely to catch on fire with a little ignition unless the trees somehow have been drenched with gasoline or petrol.

Let’s take a look at the fire vulnerability of natural and fake plants and decide for ourselves which one’s trouble-prone.

Can Artificial Trees Catch Fire?

In comparison, natural trees are thought to be more deadly in a fire mishap. Apparently, a dry tree can pass for a crucial fire hazard.

It certainly does not mean that artificial trees will not ignite! If placed near a heat source or if decorated with faulty electrical equipment, they might go up in flames as well. But they have a lesser chance to combust.

Artificial trees are constructed with a variety of materials. Amongst them, the most typical is PVC(polyvinyl chloride), which might catch fire. But the temperature required to ignite it is much more than wood.

Again many trees are coated with flame retardants, which are designed to inhibit the combustion process by increasing the moisture content of the fiber.

Studies show that fire threats involving natural trees outnumber fire threats involving unnatural trees in the ratio of 3 to 1.

Dangers of Artificial Trees

Over time, your artificial plants tend to gather unwanted dust grains and cobwebs. You’ll need to care for and maintain your artificial tree as these grimes are highly flammable.

Again, pre-lit trees are especially susceptible to combustibility, as the wires have a chance to get worn out due to reusing them frequently. They are also found to contain some toxic chemicals like mercury, chromium, cadmium, etc.

Moreover, some faux trees contain flame retardants added to them. While they can save us from the blaze, the chemicals can have an adverse effect on our immune system and can tend to cause some neurological damage.

Are Real Trees a Fire Hazard?

YES, they are. To some extent, they are much more hazardous than fake trees.

As we all know, real trees are typically wood, which is a great conductor of fire. And the needles that are present on occasion, pine trees make great fire starters. Dried-out and scorched trees are odds-on combustible, and they can prove to be a fiery deathtrap in a short span of time.

For as long as the plant continues to take water in, it will stay hydrated. And a fresh tree is somewhat more secure as it can resist fire better. So your best bet is to water and nurture it well.

Are there any Artificial Trees that are Fireproof?

The price of artificial trees will ascend if you are opting for some added features. That being said, there are actually some trees that can reduce the fire hazard.

If your tree is labeled fire-resistant, then you are on the safer side. And you need to make sure your tree’s got a UL certification if it comes with built-in lights.

The UL symbolized products are constructed to provide you with a safety function, making sure that the wires are correctly sized and they can handle a particular amount of electricity.

Final Thoughts 

Artificial trees can spruce up any place, bring class and serenity to a surrounding. However, if you are opting for some artificial flora, you need to follow some guidelines while using them.

Make sure to keep them at a safe distance from the heat source. While lighting up and decorating your trees during occasions, be careful about the worn-out wires and cracked sockets. And assure that the electric lines are unplugged once the celebration ends.


There is no arguing on the fact artificial trees are flammable, too, though they are at lower risk than natural ones. But yes, if they are not labeled fire-resistant, things might get screwed if not taken precautions.

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