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Are Chatbots the Future of Marketing?

Chatbots are great marketing tools for businesses today. They are automated computer programs that engage customers in business conversations. Aside from this, they are even able to initiate sales with customers. Chatbot marketing has become as important as search engine marketing and optimization have been in the past few decades.

AI Chatbots are poised to improve business interactions and shape the future of marketing. The fact that they use artificial intelligence is innovative on its own. 

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are some of the communication tools that use chatbots today. If big companies are starting to use it, we can expect it to go big in a few years.

This article will focus on how chatbots are going to improve your company’s workflows and help increase efficiency in communicating with your customers.

Here’s all you need to know about them.

Better Customer Service

Customer service has been an essential aspect of businesses for years. It’s one of the ways companies develop customer loyalty. If you’re a customer, you would want to be taken care of and you expect nothing more than the best. It’s the responsibility of the business to make sure you get the best. 

The happier people are with how you take care of them, the more likely they’ll come back for more. This in turn will generate more sales for you in the future.

They will also be more than happy to tell their friends about your products or services. If they feel valued, it will be second nature to them to recommend you to their loved ones. No need for you to ask them because they’ll do it on their own.

Chatbots play an essential role here by streamlining communication. They quickly provide answers to the questions your visitors have, thus giving them a great customer service experience. 

Enhance Resource Savings

The main objective for businesses all over the world is to increase profits. To do that, they have to reduce expenses and use the least amount of resources to maximize profits. Chatbots can help a business spend less by playing the role of basic customer support.

The business will hire fewer people to do simple and repetitive functions of customer service since chatbots can already take care of it. The business can then divert the saved resources to other aspects of the business.

Opportunities for Personalization

Personalized business communication is one of the things that will improve profits for your business. According to a report, 72% of customers said that they only engage with brands that send them personalized messages.

As a business owner, targeting a specific audience with your messages will help grow your business. It is the best way to appeal to them and make them look forward to your next message. They will feel appreciated and comfortable making transactions with your business.

Research by Think with Google found out that 90% of marketers have improved their business profitability with personalization. Chatbots will help you personalize your communication and increase your revenues significantly. They use customer profiles to identify and address people by their names.

Other than this, chatbots can also access the history of the customer’s transactions with the business. Artificial intelligence can then curate a customized list of suggestions for the customer. Chatbots can then be programmed to deliver these suggestions to your customers.  

Ensure 24/7 Customer Care

Businesses have been employing customer support teams that run 24/7 for a while now. But with the dawning of chatbots, that’s slowly starting to change. 

Chatbots can now take care of simple queries at any time of the day. They keep working even past working hours. The best part? They don’t need to go on breaks. They also don’t need holidays off and have no use for sick leaves. 

The downside to this is it’s a big investment, to begin with. Developing chatbots can be expensive because you’ll be hiring developers to program your chatbot. 

Make Communication Fun

Effective communication has to be fun. Talking to someone over the phone doesn’t seem fun anymore because we’ve all experienced it. Chatbots on the other hand offer a new kind of experience. There’s just an undeniable excitement when you get to talk to a chatbot with personality. 

As mentioned earlier, chatbots are intelligent and fun to communicate with compared to other methods. If you’re looking to sell more, make sure that your business communication is futuristic. Many customers will keep coming back to your website if they encounter an engaging chatbot.

It’s important to note that for your chatbot to be a hit with your customers, it has to have personality. For example, compare first-gen Siri (iOS 5) with the current Siri (iOS 14). Which would you have more fun talking to? Of course, you’d enjoy talking to the one who sounds more like a person. 

Help Drive New Leads and Improve Customer Retention

Business profitability is an essential factor for every business out there. If you’re looking to sell more, think about engaging your customers more. How you communicate determines whether you can convince the modern customer and get them to complete a purchase on your website.

According to WordStream, AI chatbots qualify leads in seconds, thanks to their automation features. Businesses deploy chatbots for content advertisements and funneling leads to the sales team. Further research shows that chatbots increase customer retention by 80% which ultimately leads to increased business ROI.

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Competition is getting tough for businesses. This is why it’s important to make sure that your brand stands out compared to your competitors. Having a chatbot that embodies your brand and provides value to your customers will give you the edge you need to stay on top.

It might be a big investment at the start but it’ll be worth it for years and years to come. 

Big companies are already gravitating towards developing their own personal chatbots. Soon enough, everyone is going to develop their own chatbots too. It’s time you step up and do the same so you don’t get left behind.

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