Are Dog Clippers the same as human hair clippers?

Dog Clippers

Owning a pet needs a lot of attention and care, but when it needs to keep them, you need to take care of your pets a lot. For keeping them hygienic a and clean, you need to follow a proper grooming routine. Not only have you had to provide them adequate cleaning, bathing and hair trimming on a regular basis especially for the dogs because cat’s hair doesn’t grow on as frequent as the dogs. That is why if you are a dog owner you will require regular trimming of its fur.

Dog Clippers

Many times we have to take our dogs to salon and pet shop which will give them, a good hair trim, but it can add your expenses in keeping your dog. It is quite easy to trim your dog’s hair by yourself at home; it only requires a Dog Clipper, comb and few minutes to complete the task. That is why if you are looking for details how to do it and what are the difference between the Dog clipper and the human hair clipper, we have a complete guide a for you.

Dog Clipper and human hair clipper:

If you are planning to give your dog a good hair trim and thinking of using the human hair clipper than think again! Both the dog and human hair clipper might look same, but they are entirely different. They might look similar to any hair clipper you own or have seen at a salon, but the dog’s clipper is designed to cut different types of hair and fur of animals, like mentioned on These clippers are designed to prevent any hair pulling from animals and dog skin, and that is why it is an ideal tool to trim your dog hair. The pet clipper or dog clipper has blades and motors which make your task easy, and that is why it can cost as much as 1.5 times higher than the typical human hair clipper.


Both the Clippers have a similar look but since there is the difference between a human hair and animal fur or hair these clippers have a difference too, which is mention below:

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1.    Usage:

Before tiring to use the dog’s clipper, we must know about the type of hair your pet has. Humans have hair on their head which is also known as the terminal hair, but the dog hair is entirely different from the humans. They have hair on its body which helps to project their body which is also known as bristles. The dog has two layers of hair or fur, one is the undercoat which is known as the wool and the second is the undercoat which is called the bristles. Some breeds of dogs such as Whiskers and long hair dogs also have a third type of hair called the vibrissa. While some dogs also have similar hair like humans, one of the breeds is Yorkshire


All the layers of dog hair are entirely different and help in the protection of the dog’s body. That is why all the layers are equally important and very different from human hair, therefore, needs different clippers as well. The bristles are a long-lasting layer of hair in a dog which protects the undercoat called wool. It also makes the outer coat that is why when you need to trim and cut the dog’s hair you need especial clipper to do the job.

2.    Speed:

Pet and dog clippers come with different blades; various motor speeds as well as changeable blades which help you accomplish the hair trimming in all the body parts which have a distinct length of hair. That is why when you are dealing with long hair on the body you can change the motor speed up to 500 strokes per minutes which helps you give to get a perfect cut and smooth look. You can use larger blades which help you cut the long hair on the body without pulling it as well as gives them a gentle feel. On the other hand, when you are grooming the smaller hair of tail, face, and feet you need a lower blade and less speed to decrease the vibration and heat.

3.    The motor of the clipper:

There is a difference between the human and dog’s clipper especially the designing and function of its motor. The motor of human hair clippers created more heat and used in short intervals, also a good ad experience barber can complete the task in just a few minutes, and you need to shut it done for cooling before the next customer. But the pet clipper is made for more extended endeavors which also the user for a more extended period without overheating. The motor also has baffles which decrease the sound and vibration as well as which is a plus when you are trimming the hair of a scared dog and also helps in dressers hand from getting heated.

4.    Blades:

When it comes to the blades of Dog’s clipper, it starts from the number 10 blade which not only leaves the 1/16 inches from the pet’s hair from the body but also reduces the chances of pulling as well. That is why there is no hurting and damaging the inner coat at the same time. There is also a letter F blade for pet’s hair as it allows the dresser to look at the previously trimmed hair and make right marks. Even the fine blades on face and feet are more open and wide so that it would not pick the fur.

5.    Grooming comb:

The grooming combs which are present in the kit are usually 1/16 to 2 inches from the dog’s hair, unlike the pet’s one which is about 1 inch or less than that.