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Are Exams Results Efficient Way to Determine Child’s Ability?

In my honest opinion, we all are living in an era where education is indirectly name of exams and the marks achieved in assessments. Students are only battling for good grades and outstanding result in the exams which is consequently increasing pressure on the brain and mindsets.

The examinations feel like the only genuine way to test the knowledge of a child!

I agree exams looks like an excellent way to assess the students. Teachers can thoroughly check if the student has attended the lectures with interest and has remained concentrated.

But unfortunately, when we talk about educational systems and judgment via examinations, we are horribly failed. A single sheet of the exam paper is never a reflection of a student’s academic abilities and skills.

The intelligence level, the capability to absorb the subject, and the power to understand the basics of any discipline vary from person to person. This is the same as the students of every level as the caliber of each student is different.


Examination is mainly leading every student towards pressure and anxiety. It is only a way to test the memory and learning power of the student.

The tales of A*, A+, A, then declining towards B, C, and more, every tale differs from each other. There is no point of judging a student only on the basis of his exam result as this only increases the pressure over the student. The aspect of humiliation and insult arrives due to which a certain student never feels encouraged and motivated towards studies.

As per the surveys, teachers find exams one of the only ways to assess the students. The reason is an abundance of online assistance and assignment writing services from where students can buy hnd assignment help.


Apart from the examination, coursework can be used to assess the students. Teachers can come up with several creative activities and this would help the students to sharpen their pencils as per their creativity.

With the help of coursework, teachers can provide steady assessments related to certain courses. The timeline for coursework can be given over the months. In the meantime, schools must aim to make the students learn the demanded skills. This would help the student to absorb the basic learning principles of every course and subject.

Several resume writing services in Abu Dhabi also stressed the idea of coursework by penning down; Coursework can also help the students to learn the skills that are needed throughout life including teamwork, professionalism, and discipline.

Also, with the help of coursework, students would be encouraged to learn at their own pace. Uniformity is appreciated but, not every student is the same as the mind and a uniform paper cannot help him learn.

Due to the variance in mindsets and learning speed, the students who cannot achieve good grades and bright marks can feel discouraged and insulted and this must be stop throughout the schooling systems!


Students come to school with the motive of learning. If a child loves to draw, he would wait for the art class. If an individual is interested in history, he would wait for the teacher to start the lecture. This motivation and desperation show how students vary from each other.

So how come the schooling systems can create a uniform way of testing students’ abilities?

A student can be good at mathematics and poor at science, this never means that he is not smart and he cannot achieve something in life. Only his views, mindset, and way of thinking is different.

The certain checking criteria, a formal way of teaching and lesson plan, a uniform system of taking exams, and a specific syllabus, this is all that we have in our educational systems! A complete horrendous way of judging every student either from primary or secondary- the ultimate way of checking student’s abilities stays the same throughout the system.


Examination is such a small word to absorb the complete concept of knowledge in itself. Interaction with the people, knowledge beside books, experiences of life, real-life challenges, and a broad vision of the world that lies away from the books- this is too much to be occupied just in a single paper via exams.


From primary to secondary and then in higher educational institutions, the format of taking the examination is same. The race between students is only to achieve better grades and attain maximum marks in a subject.

This feels like a success in the beginning but when the students step into the practical life, they fail! The professionalism only asks for skills and knowledge and the students lack over here.

They are just piled up with bright marks and grades which is not beneficial for the professional life. Examinations are necessary at certain points, but they are not everything on which a student could be judged!


Educational systems are highly advised to bring coursework and other creative techniques into the grounds which must help the students in the future. The students of today’s era are only striving for marks and success in exams which is simply not beneficial for them. This must be changed and the concept of an examination must be replaced with other creative ways of assessments!

Michael Hussey
Michael Hussey is a digital marketer and blogger. He writes about motivation, education, and personal development, mostly about career help. He hopes to make a good difference in the lives of people by sharing society related relevant stories and blogs also by his personal journey.
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