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Are Kids Safe on WhatsApp? How Can a WhatsApp Spy Tool Help?


Every parent is concerned about their child’s safety, be it online or offline. Similarly, they are equally concerned about their safety on instant-messaging platforms like WhatsApp. Is this platform safe for children to use? How can a WhatsApp spy tool help in keeping them protected on the platform? We will be throwing some light on these important topics that are often left unconsidered and undiscussed.

As parents, we deeply are concerned about the well-being and safety of our children. In this digital age that we are a part of, their online safety is even more important. Kids these days love to spend endless hours in front of their digital devices, with their screen time ever increasing. Most of the time they are seen spending time on social media apps like Facebook and WhatsApp.

They communicate with their friends on WhatsApp in the form of text messages, photos, videos, GIFs, stickers, etc. and enjoy. In fact, most of the time they are seen using WhatsApp, smiling and laughing at their screens as the flow of messages is being exchanged on the app.

At this point, most parents stop for a second to wonder if WhatsApp is really safe for their children and whether or not they should be allowing them to spend so much time on the app.

Let us tell you about the pros and cons of WhatsApp for children. Moreover, we will also discuss how parents can keep their children safe on the app and how a WhatsApp spy tool can help them in keeping their kids far away from the online dangers on the platform. Even it helpful for couples also. Boyfriend can spy on their girlfriends phone here is a app to spy on girlfriend's phone.

The Pros and Cons of WhatsApp for Kids

WhatsApp is inhabited by young children and teenagers because they love spending time on it. It is the most favorite instant messaging app among children. So why do they love WhatsApp so much anyway? The reason is simple: it’s personal and it allows them to have private conversations with others.

While children tend to feel more open and public on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, WhatsApp is the only the resort they can go to for having private conversations with their friends.

Most children also complain that Facebook and other social media sites are full of adults and this is why they want to stay away from them. They prefer using WhatsApp because it allows them to have personal conversations with others.

The pros of WhatsApp are countless but just like everything else, it too has some cons. It is quite important that parents must also know about the dark side of WhatsApp. The majority of parents are not familiar with the online dangers lurking on the platform.

WhatsApp, like other social media platforms, is invaded by people who have bad intentions. They pretend to be nice but in reality, they aren’t. These people join WhatsApp because it is free and allows them to use for any purpose they want.

For instance, sexual predators can flock to WhatsApp, locate naïve children’s’ numbers and send them inappropriate messages. Since WhatsApp has limited control over adult content, they can easily exchange inappropriate messages with the kids.

They trick children into believing that they are their real friends and that their parents do not care for them. They do terrible things such as sexting, sharing pornographic content, child abduction, etc. Similarly, cyberbullying is a lot common on WhatsApp where bullies attack innocent children, saying them mean things. Children become easy victims of cyberbullying on a WhatsApp chat.

What Parents Can Do to Keep Kids Safe on WhatsApp

The worst part is that most parents may not be able to find out what’s going on with their kids until it’s too late. Or maybe it’s not. Here’s the first thing parents need to do to keep their children safe on the platform – just talk to their children.

You need to discuss the online dangers that lurk on WhatsApp and make them understand how they can leave a negative impact on them. You need to talk to your kids about the bad people that pretend to be their friends on the app. It is better to explain to them that they should only give their contact number to people they really know.

Also, make sure to explain to your kids that they should never send their photos to anyone, especially the ones without clothes. Be comfortable with them so much so that they tell you instantly if someone is trying to share explicit material with them on WhatsApp. You can guide them to change their privacy settings on their phone as well as the app so that only their phone contacts can see their activity. Ask them to turn off geolocation feature on their camera as well.

Use a WhatsApp Spy Tool to Monitor their Activity

Sometimes when talking to your children about their online safety does not work, you are left with the option of using WhatsApp spy tools. A WhatsApp spy tool is typically a monitoring program that helps you monitor your child’s WhatsApp activity.

You may decide to tell your kids that you are monitoring their activity but this may make them feel offended. Most kids do not want their parents to invade their privacy which is why we would recommend spying on their activity without them knowing. For this purpose, A WhatsApp spy tool can do the job.

Once installed on the child’s device, the tool will record their WhatsApp activity including the sent or received text messages, photos, videos, etc., and transport the logged information to your online user account that has been given to you by the tool’s developer.

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