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Are Pandora Bracelets Real Silver?

Now, bracelets like these don’t appear to have silver in the middle like a gold bracelet, or gold in the center like a rose gold bracelet, or any other metal in the middle of the jewelry like silver earrings, silver rings or silver bracelet. They might have lots of red stones, which might look like a silver bracelet, but they are not made of silver. That being said, when you see the word “silver”, what you see are pieces of real silver put in the middle of a bracelet to create the illusion of silver.

What makes real silver different from what comes from the stamp silver process? If you look closely at real silver, you’ll see that it has a nice sheen on the surface, and the mix of metals in it actually turns out to be more than just silver.

Pros and cons of sterling silver

As one of the most popular metals in the jewelry industry, it goes without saying that sterling silver is the strongest and the most reliable type of metal used in making jewelry. Also, since silver doesn’t rust, it can be used to make jewelry for many years.

However, sterling silver comes at a much higher price. Most of the jewelry brands will use low-quality silver or cheap alloys in their Pandora bracelets. Therefore, before buying a bracelet, make sure you know the composition of the metals used in the bracelets.

Another downside of sterling silver is that it lacks in resilience. Many of the mechanical and mechanical appliances cannot stand the sharpness of silver. Therefore, for prolonged use, you need to cover the bracelets with another band.

Is all Pandora jewelry marked?

One thing to be noted is that Pandora jewelry is not just bracelets. It is everything that the jewelry store sells in its store and online. In fact, all the Pandora jewelry that you have on your hands are categorized into two main categories, charms and bracelets. These two categories differ in terms of styles and prices as well.

Is there a difference between charms and bracelets?

Charms are essentially handmade from glass or metal, while bracelets are made from pure silver or gold. Before you buy a charm or a bracelet, it is essential to figure out the difference between the two.

Identifying fakes

Once you’ve identified the metals used in manufacturing, you can identify fakes easily. This is because fake metal would only have been added to make the bracelet appear as gold-colored. The chain of the bracelet could have been made of pure nickel, only if there is not nickel plating used. For instance, if the bracelet had been made from copper, then only pure copper could have been used.

The stones

With all these clues, you can easily spot fakes as you can see through its wrapper. So, what are some of the warning signs of fake Pandora bracelets?

Flaking paint

The paint on a fake bracelet is flaking off. This happens when you apply it to a piece of metal with water.

Not all Pandora bracelets are real silver

As with any other fashion accessories, not all Pandora bracelets are real silver. In fact, you’d want to know the real metals that are used to make the jewelry.

Pure silver is what real Pandora bracelets are made of. It’s one of the strongest metals that exist and while it’s generally known as a silver that’s soft as cotton, it can actually take a beating when handled. This metal can take quite a beating but it stands up to the task and only tarnishes a little bit. However, because of this fact, most genuine Pandora bracelets are made out of 99.99% pure silver.

You can be assured of the purity of these watches when you go for the sterling silver which is also known as 24K gold. Sterling silver is one of the purest metals that are known to exist.


One of the questions you will have, is if Pandora bracelets are really made of real silver. The answer is an absolute yes. However, the only jewelry you should get that are genuine silver is only if they are not cheap and come with a genuine and original warranty.

Sale Pandora metal rings, one of the latest trends in the metal jewelry industry, had amassed great appreciation from the customer community since it was first introduced back in 2008. It continues to offer awesome options for jewelry lovers who are unable to resist the charms of this designer bracelet.

Pandora bracelets sale are in high demand, mainly because they are available in such an awesome variety of options.

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