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Are There No Jobs in India?

A question might pop into your head, especially when the unemployment rate is at the all-time high in the country.

So how can you secure your job or land a new one in these time of employment crisis?

What's causing Lack of jobs in India?

The primary reason for the lack of jobs in India is slow economic growth compared to population growth; the population of India is proliferating compared to its economy and creating fewer jobs compared to job seekers.

Followed by a number of reasons which causes unemployment among white-collar people.

1. Reservation of jobs based on one's caste. Limiting the number of posts for deserving candidates; leading unemployment among even the most highly educated.

2. Poor education system; Increase in the number of educational institutes has somewhere compromised on the level of education. A large number of students graduate each year, though having very few with employable skills.

3. Static workforce; a lot of people never move out of their home towns due to emotional or family constraints, irrespective of the career prospects in the city.

And so on, India is still a developing country with issues yet to be resolved.

How can you keep your career going despite all?

Opportunities in metros; geographic location plays a crucial role in landing you a job, so if you think there're no jobs for you in your town move to a metro there're ample of jobs in Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, Hyderabad, Pune, and other major cities.

Upskill yourself; to be competitive in this time, you need to possess the best and latest skills to have an edge in the job search.

Avoid Employment gaps; A significant issue seen in India is students sit back and wait for perfect opportunities, which puts them way behind in the race.

It won't be a case always to land your dream job straight out of the college, instead of sitting back and waiting for one, get started with whatever opportunity is available to you. Gradually you'll make your way up to the place you want to be at.

If you’re someone from an IT background, you can consider moving to cities like Bangalore or Delhi NCR. Being an IT hub, there’re a great number of IT Jobs in Bangalore and Delhi.

It isn’t always just the lack of jobs but the lack of skilled labor as well; as per a survey, there’re 50,000 vacant data science jobs in India. But no one to fill them.

Hence, there are jobs in India if you’re a deserving candidate. In a competitive environment like today’s merely a degree is not enough to get you a job, you must possess the skills required to carry out tasks for the field you’re seeking a career in.

Don’t rely on your college curriculum to make you employable, and start developing skills since you step out of school. Even if you’re a working professional struggling to stay relevant in a professional environment, learning and developing new skills is crucial to get a job.

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