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Are UTE Liners a Necessary UTE Accessory?

One of the most vital UTE accessories is the UTE liners. It offers protection to the tray from various damages such as scratches, liquid spillage, dents, and dings. Here, it is vital to note that without such protections in place, the truck bed can be prone to damage. It protects the tray in your vehicles like heavy buses or trucks from dents, dings, scratches, or any kind of liquid spillage.

Here Are Different Types Of UTE Liners

There are two major types of UTE liners that one can consider for the ute bed. These include – drop-ins and spray.

Drop Ins

Drop ins are actually plastic shells that are designed in a way to fit into the ute bed with ease. These UTE liners are much more affordable and can easily be removed without any hassle.

Spray Ons

Spray on are rubber-like thick materials that are either rolled, painted, or sprayed onto the UTE bed. Here, the difference with drop ins is that sprays are permanent and cannot be removed with ease.

Another option that one can choose is matted. They can protect the UTE bed with ease but are often used in association with spray-on or drop ins.

Categories Of Drop In UTE Liners

Now, drop in UTE liners can further be categorized into two types – over-rail and under-rail.

Over-Rail UTE Liner

The over-rail UTE liners wrap just over the steel lip, which is located at the topmost part of the UTE bed. Thus, this type of liner is best suited for vinyl tonneau coverings or open tray tops. It gives more protection to the ute tray’s upper edge. These are also created to offer protection to the tailgate top and the side parts of the good side during the unloading and loading of the ute. It is also easy to clean and maintain in the long run. The flexible option and the anti-slip feature make this type an easy buy for all your heavy vehicles.

Under-Rail UTE Liner

In the under-rail UTE liners, the liner wraps beneath the steel lip, which is located at the topmost part of the UTE bed. It is one of the most subtle variations and can fit underneath the frame of the vehicle. This type of UTE liner is usually recommended for UTE canopies and hard lids. Due to the lack of visibility of the liner edge, you can get a seamless appearance with ease. 

Customization Of The UTE Liners

UTE liners can be subjected to customization depending on the vehicle you have. Moreover, these can be installed with ease and don't even need drilling. Most of the liners have a fitting kit that comes with rails or hooks that are necessary for its installation. The air-tight and contour fitting features enhance the popularity of these liners. Due to these features, the UTE liners can offer exceptional protection from chemicals, water, dust partials, and dirt to the deck of the vehicle. 

You should check what material the side and the tailgate are made of. The conventional liners are always there but the modern ones give you better benefits. There are some models that even offer a rubberized non-slip base. It is to ensure that your cargo doesn't move too much while moving. Due to its composition of high-density polyethylene, it is resistant to both chipping and cracking. These are also highly flexible and offer enhanced durability to the user. 


In essence, UTE liners are a vital accessory for protecting UTEs. These are produced from high-density polyethylene so that they can offer enhanced protection with ease. Moreover, they can also be customized as per the design of the vehicle. You can now buy the UTE liners from reliable online portals.

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