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Are you expecting your little one? Here are ten wall kids' posters for a warm welcome

Parents want their newborn baby to step into a piece of heaven that they have created for them! Do you resonate with that? If yes, get set to decorate your kids' room with the best décor items and accessories. Babies often gaze at calendar pictures for a long and smiling for unknown reasons. It's because once they get attracted to an image, they develop a connection with it in their mind.

Bold, vibrant, lively, and abstract pictures attract kids. It’s a good idea to get one or two home as you welcome your kid. Here are ten kids’ posters you can choose from:

1.      White Origami Dove Posterart c792ecee

Peaceful and pristine, the dove is a symbol of divine love and purity. These are the exact emotions and energies with which you want to surround your little one. The origami dove poster will not only add to the feelings to love and empathy in your kids' room but also add a unique element. The white background and paper juxtaposition is both artsy and distinctive.

2.      Good Luck Elephant Poster

elephant 04300153

With pink ears and a black hat, the cute and plump elephant can be a mascot of magic tricks and laughter in your kid's universe. And if you want to add elements of good luck, this elephant poster is a right choice. In most religions, elephants get considered revered beings and stand for strength, protection, wisdom other than good luck.

3.      Giraffe with Pride Poster

girraffe 4ac39f46

Do you often find your little one looking at the zenith with her head held high? If yes, she will grow up to be an independent woman, filled with pride and enthusiasm. This giraffe with pride poster can accentuate your kid's baby pride and confidence from an early. Besides, the blue bow on the giraffe neck and tail can add to the room's cuteness.

4.      Blue Jellyfish Poster

jellyfish a2b7b250

You never associate kids with doubt and dilemma. They are free with their childlike joy and are known to love everyone around. Kids carry their heart and fun-loving attitude on their sleeves and spread happiness around. If you sense this vibe in your kid, bring home the blue jellyfish poster as it stands for love and childlike instincts. Jellyfish are also a symbol of balance and acceptance and know the way to survive. It connects very well with the youthful spirit of sustenance and divine harmony. 

5.      Winter Birds Collection Poster

bird 01bdd75a

As Doreen Virtue, some authors consider birds to be messengers from heaven and a symbolic representation of angels. Healers often believe that kids are the first few years are not impacted by the world's ways. They tend to stay in their world of everlasting love and wonder. The winter bird's poster will be a good addition, as it can make your kid realize the winged friends he or she has.

6.      Cute hairy reindeer poster

cute 4341b132

Your little one will take some time to learn about Rudolf the reindeer! Until then, it's a good idea to add this hairy reindeer poster in the room, as you welcome him or her. The reindeer is traditionally known for its intuition, resourcefulness, and creativity. If you want these elements in your little one, adding this animal poster is a wise decision. Images of animals often project their qualities on the onlookers.

7.      Colorful Unicorn Cartoon poster

unicorn fa897bf3

Think of magic, and the image of a unicorn would naturally appear in your mind! Unicorns are magical beings and are known to carry an energy of purity, love, creativity, and divine guidance. Children seem to know their moves and are seldom upset over a fall or scratch. They know that they can create everything they want and have no regrets. Allow your child to imbibe this vibe as you bring home the unicorn poster.

8.      Feather Heart on White Background Poster

heart 545021f3

Get something "different," and your little one will develop an interest around it. Generic pictures of love might not impress your kid. However, when you bring home this feather heart poster, they would instantly connect with it. Don't worry about the black and white sketch. Kids love to explore animated paintings and posters that appeal to their imagination. To know more about this, you can check out

9.      Funny Cat Drawing in Sketch Style Poster

cat 07a67db1

So, you think that your kid has a sense of quirky humor and is slightly lazy? If yes, this poster is a light-hearted way to encourage your little one to slowly but steadily get things done.

10.  Woman Performing Ballet Dance Silhouette Poster

women a9096f60

Parents have specific dreams for their kids! For instance, if you are a dance, you want your kid to pick up the habit as well. While you should always give your little one the freedom to choose, you can also add this poster to see if she aligns with dance or any other creative body movement form.

Parenting is all about helping your little one to create their world. And with these vibrant kids posters, you can add unique elements from an early age, which will shape their character. Also you can visit  @   for getting more ideas related to this.


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Sujain Thomas
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