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Are you Going to Study in Thailand? What Should you Know?

Thailand boasts of a splendid array of attractive natural features like sandy beaches, mountains, temples, valleys, and many more. It's a land of excitement and adventure, and studying in this beautiful city can be life-changing. There are multiple reasons why most international students prefer to study in Thailand. Its warm climate offers lots of comfort, which is conducive for learning. Can I tell you more? Most universities in Thailand offer globally- accredited programs that are recognized all over the globe. Healthcare is also good and is easily accessible to both locals and expats.

What do I need to know when traveling to study in Thailand?

I presume you have already researched about the way of living and the cultural differences in the city. It's now time to get to know what life holds in Thailand. The most important things to know are;

You need health insurance as an international student.

Healthcare is generally good in Thailand. You'll find well-equipped international hospitals in most big cities. However, these are rare in the outskirts and the rural areas. Public hospitals are somewhat crowded with fewer amenities. You'll have to brace long queues in public hospitals, and this is why most ex-pats opt for private clinics.

You're also not eligible for government-funded healthcare offered to Thai citizens. Therefore, you'll need health insurance, and getting Thailand international student insurance shouldn't be an issue. There are multiple global insurance companies, and you'll get a plan to suit your needs.

You might need an expensive health insurance policy.

Local insurance for foreigners isn't costly. Using it is also easy since most hospitals handle all the paperwork. However, such policies have some exclusions and don't cover everything. For instance, the policy doesn't cover motorcycle accidents and injuries.

Why is this important? Motorcycles are a standard transport means in Thailand! You may then have to invest in a more expensive policy for full coverage. Also, most of the policy agreements are written in Thai, and you'll need someone to help you go through all the details.

Life may not be cheap as you expect!

Bangkok food price | Thailand Expat Photo Blog

Most students travel to Asian countries expecting cheap life. Although life may be generally reasonable, some products are more expensive than in other European counties. These include groceries, hygiene, and cosmetic products. It'll save you a lot if you bring some essentials with you. Also, if on a tight budget, keep off big shopping malls and know the conversion rates.

Hospitals are easily accessible& safe.

You'll find a wide variety of health facilities in Thailand. The Thai healthcare system is well organized. Public hospitals are relatively good, and most locals use them. You'll also find world-class hospitals concentrated in the cities. Private clinics are highly recommended for foreigners since most public hospitals may not meet international standards. 

The Thai language will help a lot- Learn a few simple phrases.

English is a second language in Thailand; most locals speak Thai language. Therefore an understanding of the Thai language will go a long way. Learn the basic phrases, and this will make your stay easier and more comfortable.

Most doctors and practitioners speak English and are multilingual. And you won't have language issues in most health facilities. However, language barriers are common in the transport sector, and you may need some apps. These are, for example, the Grab app. It works like Uber and will help avoid going to the wrong destination when moving around.

What are the hottest careers in Thailand?

Thailand is a haven for tourists, with Bangkok being the capital city and the center for commerce and cultural activity. Most careers in Thailand revolve around Bangkok. As a popular tourist spot, the leading careers relate to tourism and hospitality. These involve working in hotels and resorts.

Receptionists and tour guide careers are pretty in demand in Thailand. But, they require excellent communication skills with fluency in English and Thai languages. Cuisine is yet another inherent aspect of Thailand. You can easily land a well-paying job as a chef, connoisseur if proficient and certified. 

Scuba diving instructors and teachers are also highly in demand. Teaching English to the locals is an excellent career choice for tutors who wish to specialize in languages. However, to work as a teacher, you need a TEFL certification and some teaching experience.

The health sector is yet another booming industry. A career in health can be lucrative and professionally satisfying. You can take courses in nursing, medicine, and many other health-related fields. Nurses, doctors, and general practitioners are highly in demand.

Doctor / Physician Average Salaries in Thailand 2021 - The Complete Guide

What's more? Cosmetic treatments are pretty popular, and a course in cosmetic health is a wise decision. You can easily secure a well-paying job as a dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon, or laser therapy specialist.

The bottom line

Undoubtedly, Thailand is a beautiful country with endless career opportunities. Choose your courses wisely to enhance your likelihood of securing a job after graduation. Also, plan your health insurance in advance, and choose a policy package that matches your budget and healthcare needs.

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