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Are You Looking For A Marketing Strategy? Order Custom Enamel Pins Today!

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Are you a start-up company that needs to broaden your market base? Or are you coming up with a new product or commemorating an anniversary or a milestone? All of these have become a key opportunity for businesses to use marketing strategies that will draw the attention of the public and make them memorable. It has been shown time and time again that most consumers rely on their memories and previous experience to decide on which product or service to patronize. Thus, any good business manager would really take advantage of these strategies and devise ingenious ways of becoming the product of choice for most consumers. A sure way of doing this is to give out promotional items to the public during events, conferences, conventions and even in heavily populated places like malls, terminals, ports and others. For example, why else would new products have free taste counters in supermarkets? An excellent marketing strategy would be the use of custom enamel pins, it does not cost tons of money, it is customizable, and it is handy and is visible to consumers. Make your choice today and order custom enamel pins and have it delivered to your home or office.

What is a Custom Enamel Pin?

A custom enamel pins are great marketing strategies as it can readily be fashioned into your very own design that would reflect your company’s branding, it can easily be customized to the company logo, to a picture of the product itself, or a slogan or even a momentous event for the business. It is also something that consumers can use and place in their bags, coats, or shirts and it is highly visible and people will easily notice it. It is made up of enamel and can be printed with a combination of colors and shaped into anything that the customer orders. There are also a wide assortment of materials and designs that could go into it and will immensely help the company gain more audience. It can be made from soft to hard enamel, and the finish can be printed in plastic and is placed on the enamel pin, or you can choose the hard enamel and have the design printed directly on it, hence it is of higher quality and costs a bit more than the soft enamels. Without a doubt, custom enamel pins are one of the most concrete and visible ways of increasing the awareness of any product or services.

How Are Custom Enamel Pins Made?

Custom enamel pins are made through a special equipment that involves having rolls of enamel cut into the specific shapes that the customer orders, then it is printed with the design, and attached to a pin to make it functional. It is a pretty straightforward process and will take less than a day to make a batch of them. Of course, the resulting pin should be of high quality and designed exquisitely, thus it takes more time to figure out the design and the materials that go into a custom enamel pin than it is to make them. The first thing to do is to decide which material the customer prefers since it dictates the printing procedure next. The choice could be between soft and hard enamel, the soft enamel is cheaper than the hard enamel and can be done quickly without much fuss. The hard enamel is a bit more work intensive and costs more. The different between soft and hard enamel lies in the quality and appearance of the pins, the soft ones will still look great but the colors and the shapes are limited while the hard enamel can be shaped into whatever the customer prefers and since the design is printed directly on it, it will have a seamless finish and will look superb and expensive.

Why Do You Need Custom Enamel Pins?

Aside from being a marketing strategy, custom enamel pins can also be souvenirs and give-away trinkets, it is not as expensive as a T-shirt or a bag, but it is also way better than a sticker or a bookmark. It is functional and collectible at the same time. Even in a pinch, a custom enamel pin can serve as an accent to a jacket, or be used as a pin when a button has fell off a shirt or blouse. Hence, the potential for it being actually used as opposed to being on display only is very high, and it can provide that visual branding that the company needs. Moreover, it is lightweight, and people would not think twice of using it as it really has a purpose. A pin is a great way to increase the awareness of the public to the brand, the product, and the services and even in an event or celebration. Much more that pins quite have an appeal on different age groups and everyone likes receiving one, especially if it is of high quality.

How To Order Custom Enamel Pins?

There are a number of online shops that specialize in the production and design of custom enamel pins, you just need to find the one that you can work well with. To do this, you can do your own research and browse the shops products and materials and email them to ask for a sample, they usually give out some, or you can even just see if they would reply to your inquiries or email. The ones that reply or give you a sample are the potential shops you should chose. Once you have a clear idea of which online shop or supplier you want, then next is to figure out which design and what material will be used. The difference in price point for soft and hard enamels are not even that big, and there are more designs you can work with in a hard enamel, so it might be better to go with the hard enamel unless if you are on a tight budget. You can then proceed to order from the shop and indicate your design and the material you want and wait for them to process your order. They usually will provide a sample of your design before you finalize your order.

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