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Are You Looking For Kitchen Cabinet And Countertop Ideas?

One of the most exciting parts of a kitchen renovation is choosing the cabinets and countertops. You can be as unique as you want and create the kitchen you've always wanted! With so many different options and combinations, it can almost be too much to think about! The only real rule when it comes to finding cabinets and countertops is to find the perfect relationship between the two essential elements. They don't necessarily have to match each other exactly, but they do need to work well with one another. Your kitchen is the heart of your home and a harmonious kitchen sets the stage for the rest of your home. Here are a few counter and cabinet ideas to get the ball rolling on your kitchen project!

Kitchen Cabinet And Countertop Ideas

Large quartz island

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Add a large quartz island to your kitchen. An island offers ample counter space and can help make a crowded kitchen much less cramped. The kind of quartz you use should match your other countertops. Switch up the materials too much and you risk a kitchen that looks cluttered. Islands don’t only offer more counter space, they offer additional cabinet storage. Build cabinets into your island to add space for all your kitchen appliances and dishes.

Make a statement

Bold countertop patterns are certainly in style and are here to stay! Make a statement in your kitchen with unique fir stone quartz stone. The unique patterns and colour combinations are a great way to truly make your kitchen the focal point of the home. Darker countertops are able to add additional dimension to large kitchens. When you have statement countertops, try to select a more neutral set of cabinets and keep the space less cluttered.

Ceiling high cabinets

Some kitchens have a small space above their upper cabinets. Why not use this empty space as additional storage. Ceiling cabinets can also make a kitchen feel more complete, not to mention, they require less dusting. Add glass fronts to your ceiling cabinets and display gorgeous glass vases or unique dishes. Just don’t store daily dishes up here, you might run into challenges trying to access them each day.

Unique hardware

Add unique hardware to an otherwise plain set of cabinets. When you add unique hardware, you bring attention to detail. If you want to keep the hardware traditional, try playing with the idea of adding both handles and knobs to embellish ordinary drawers and doors.

Pop of colour

Even if your kitchen is fairly plain, you can spice things up with your cabinets. Add colour to any kitchen with your cabinets. The colour of your cabinets can completely change the mood of your kitchen. Rather than straight white, you can bring warmth into the space and make it more inviting for guests. Push boundaries with unique colours like blues, greens, pinks, and even yellows.

Extend your kitchen

Why does your kitchen theme have to end when the kitchen does? Bring similar styled cabinetry into your dining or living room. Adding built-in cabinetry with the same materials you used for your kitchen cabinets and countertops. Adding this built-in unit to the room next to the kitchen can extend the space and create a cohesive home environment despite separation.

Custom Cabinets

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Is that extra cost with it to customize your kitchen cabinets? Absolutely. Spending a few extra dollars on custom sized cabinets ensures your kitchen space is used in the most efficient way possible. You can also customize your cabinets to suit your personal and unique kitchen needs. When you customize your cabinets you choose size, layout, material, depth, finish and more. Finally, each cabinet is made with extreme care and precision.


Create the perfect neural kitchen with matte finishes. Matte cabinets are less reflective than glossy or lacquered alternatives. If your kitchen is subject to a lot of natural light, or has a number of light fixtures, you might find it more visually pleasing to use matte finishes in the kitchen space. Not to mention matte counters are much better at concealing fingerprints and any scratches!

Round counter

Soften up your kitchen space by adding a rounded countertop or island. When you have a round countertop, you minimize the number of harsh edges while adding elegance. Don’t worry, you can still have just as much storage space with your cabinetry. Round countertops also allow for a kitchen to flow smoothly.

Modern flat look

Use flat faced cabinets to keep a sleek and modern look in your kitchen. Flat cabinets maximize the space in your kitchen and look great in the process. Flat wooden cabinets are high quality long lasting options that are typically pretty easy on the budget too. Flat cabinetry is typically available in a number of materials as well, so it is the perfect option for any kitchen dreams.

Got your inspiration? Get started with the best part of a kitchen renovation today!

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