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Are you looking for the best quality timepiece for your space?

Bovet Grand Récital

A clock holds a very important place to schedule your daily life and not having one right before your sight, may hamper your plans.

Are you aware that there are a variety of clocks available in the market? If not, then just take a brief look at different varieties available for you.

Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo clocks are the clocks that do a small talk after each hour gets completed. The cuckoo will peep out and seek out what you are up to and go back into its dark habitat solitude.

Cuckoo Clock

Young ones of the house fall in love with the cuckoo clock and will surely learn to tell time before expected.

Comitti Clock 

These traditional types of timepieces have been a demand for all your official tables. Your professional room clad up with a committee clock gives a more decent and appreciable look.

So, if you are thinking about gifting one to your friend at his official inauguration, go for it.

CMT00006 Comitti of London Congreve Clock


Grandfather Clock

Love antiques? The tall, freestanding clock with a pendulum, designed by the English clockmaker, is just made for you then.

Until the early 20th century, pendulum clocks were the most accurate time-keeping technology. Today they are kept for their antique and decorative value.



Extraordinary Clocks

Have you got your house designed? Then why should a plain looking clock spoil the way you want your house to look.

With a variety of extraordinary clocks, you can choose the best suitable clock that goes with the ambiance of your house.

Immanuel 1

Mantle Clocks

The mantle clocks, also known as the shelf clocks, are perfect to be kept near your bed or on the fire-stands. The small-sized enchanting clocks make your shelf or table look quite outright. Ergo, get mantle clocks in Australia with the best range at Cuckoo Clock.

 Mantel Clock



Wall Clocks

Your four-walls are incomplete without a clock hanging onto one of those four walls. Regulator Wall Clocks, Contemporary Wall Clock and Skeleton Wall Clocks are few types of wall clocks that you can choose from for your clock.


Black Forest Clocks

If you love nature then these varieties of clocks are just made for you. Bonded with a pendulum, some times are even hitched with a boy/girl clad swinging pendulum, this type of timepieces will surely make you fall in love with them.

IMG 1688


One needs to be accessorized by a wristwatch to complete his look. And getting a complementing watch with your dress isn’t that hard with Cuckoo Clock.

wrist watch

At German Cuckoo Clock Nest, you can choose from the top-rated brands and also avail the Vintage watches in Australia.







Weather Houses


Conscious about weather conditions? This range of clocks will surely help you to track your room temperature and the weather outside.


Novelty Clocks


Do you want your wall to be decorated with inanimate characters? What if it can be clubbed with a clock?


Novelty clocks are purely an amalgamation of the two. Hang them up on your wall, today!


Refurbished Clocks


Purchase an unused customer returned clock at a reasonable price.


These clocks may also be an under-warranty clock, that a customer might have returned due to some defect pertaining in the clock. It is only after the clock getting repaired, the product is set out for sale.






Other Products at German Cuckoo Clock Nest



Is your friend relocating to a place apart from your place? Gift him a remembrance from the wide range of souvenirs to choose from.


Christmas Articles


From Music Boxes to Christmas trees, an array of Christmas decoration products will surely help you out with your home decoration.


Clock Repairs


Don’t panic if your favorite timepiece is broken. Get it repaired by skillful hands at German Cuckoo Clock Nest.


Wrapping up

With over twenty years working on timepieces, the company located in the Tamborine Mountains at Gold Coast has successfully created happy customers all over Australia.


Apart from retail delivery, German Cuckoo Nest also offers wholesale clock options, getting you the best quality products at your door-step.

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