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Are You Losing Followers Due to Bad Thumbnail Images?

Losing Followers

Are you losing followers on your social media accounts? One thing that you should know is that people encounter this every day. You may feel that you are posting for your audience but there are some who will not be interested in what you can post anymore.

There will be moments when you will gain several followers but a few hours later, you would lose more than half of what you have gained. This normally happens in social media. People might realize that they do not like your content after all.

However, the reasoning for why people gain and lose followers is something that many account owners and brands neglect to focus on. Instead, they just want to focus on the number of followers they have.

What if you are doing some things that are making people unfollow you? If this is the case, you need to know more about the issue.

How to Improve Your Reputation and Brand with Better Images

Of the many different ways to improve your reputation and brand through social media, the quality of images that you post is likely one of the most important. It’s also not just the quality, but also the style and engagement brought on by each image as well.

That is exactly what we are going to be looking at today, as we break down each of these elements into a few different categories and focus points.

Bad Thumbnail Images Could Be Hurting Your Brand

There are some social media sites like Instagram that somehow makes it automatic for people to create a theme when posting their images. If the thumbnails that people see are not clear or if it is evident that your thumbnails are not following a theme at all, this can already be enough to make people lose interest.

The bad thumbnail may be due to the following:

          The image resolution

          The camera that you have used to take the photo

          Bad editing

Think about these things and if you are more careful, you would be able to post content that will not only be pleasing in thumbnail form but also in actual form. There are other ways that you can lose followers. It is not just because of the bad thumbnails. Now is the time for you to know the reasons why you are losing followers.

1.             You are using some auto-liker software and apps. This can be enough to turn off a lot of people. They will find your page less authentic. You can expect that a lot of followers will start to become unengaged once they realize that you are doing this. Remember that organic likes from people who actually like your content will be a good option. Even if you are only getting a few likes now, your amazing content will get their attention until you will surely get the number of likes that you want for each post.

2.             Your posts are inconsistent. Are there days when you post as much as 12x a day and there are days when you do not post at all? Your inconsistency will be enough to turn off a lot of people. You should also not be posting too much because people will not find this pleasant at all. Allow people to miss your posts a bit and make them happy when you finally create a post.

3.             People may have poor first impressions regarding your page. You have to realize by now that first impressions will always last. If people look at your page and see that you are not up to their standards, there is a very big chance that they will not pay any attention to you anymore.

Unprofessional Bio Sections Don’t Look Good

One of the first things someone is going to look at when they are browsing through accounts and updates on Instagram, is what the user profile looks like.

This means you are going to need to have a professional image in place, a nice description and a link to something of value for your audience.

Take a look at the many different Facebook Pages and Instagram profiles that are set up by different Fortune 500 brands. These pages are built to convert. If you don’t currently have one in place that is built in this way, you are likely already missing out.

Another useful tip is to try and not always be selling. No one likes this, and it’s a great way to make audiences leave your social profile right away. And if they are already following you, it’s a good way to make them leave.

How to Build a Reliable Social Media and Branding Growth Plan

When it comes to social media and your brand, there are endless opportunities for growth and branding. In fact, if you play your cards right and create something of value, you might also become famous in the process. Whether it’s reaching new audiences or making sure you have better content, it’s all possible and new users will be introduced to your brand and content daily.

With this in mind, take a look at what you currently have in place. If you aren’t happy with how it looks, just imagine how your audience will feel.

There are always different things that you can do in order to improve the number of followers that you have. It involves improving your page too.

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