From Tool to Tutor: Marking the Influence of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing


The technology market has undergone leaps and bounds since the beginning of 2000. Path-breaking advancements have taken place in all sectors of the technology industry. Android, Virtual Reality, Mars Rover are just a few examples to show the technical advancement that has taken place over the past few years. And, Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the new one in the list. It is the platform where human efforts are not required. Most works requiring manual labour is carried out by robots or machines to be precise. Due to its prospects, AI applications are being used in every possible field. From cement to the food industry, all are in awe of machine learning. Digital marketing is gearing up as well. In recent times, tech magnets and large enterprises are applying it for improving their sites. As a matter of fact, there is a huge impact of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing.

Gone are the times when marketers were afraid of using new techniques. In the dawn of 2019, artificial intelligence is vital and can change the future of any business enterprise. If you are thinking about how that can take shape, read the article till the end.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing: Changing Trends in 2019

The intervention of Artificial Intelligence or AI is a star in the making. It can open a door of opportunities for the commerce industry to flourish. Especially for digital marketing to stand, AI with its advanced search tools can improve content to a great extent. It can carry out a predictive analysis, which will be helpful to understand customer preference and buying. As a result, the marketing campaigns will be more successful, and greater revenue will be generated. There is more to learn through the application of Artificial Intelligence. Through improvements in natural language processing, the machine platform can generate better and quality data. Though the price is still a problem, we hope in later years this issue will vanish. Nonetheless, implementing AI will be able to produce a better customer experience. Through the Internet of Things, predicting user behaviour will become quicker. As a result, the company can modify its content for effective web designing.

Some Components of Digital Marketing Where Artificial Intelligence Can Play a Role

Digital marketing strategies are undergoing a lot of revisions since the beginning of the new era. Now, the developers are putting enough effort into marketing, and each component is looked after separately. Take, for example, SEO and SMO. Though the site is dependent on writing skills and keywords the work can speed up with AI intervention. It can help to create better search procedures. Voice searches too can help to modify the content. The promotion can actively take place with fewer risks on social media as well. Some of the fields where AI can play a role are:

  1. Advertising platform
  2. Content marketing
  3. Email and SMS marketing
  4. Social media
  5. Web portals related to any industry

Though subtle improvements are still necessary, machine learning can help business enterprises with better management.  No matter which industry the enterprise belongs to, AI components can help in overall improvement. With this we come to the next section, how can AI generate big data required by organizations.


How Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing Can Change the Future of Companies?

AI in digital marketing works on persona marketing. This is the form of specialization where customer behaviour is understood. Through predictive analytics, the owners will be able to understand the consumer pattern, their buying fashion, and preference among others. The manufacturers will be able to analyze the brand popularity better. All these and much more will be helpful in e-commerce pursuits. Anyway, there are some areas which need the touch of machine learning more than ever.

Personalized Content

This is one of the prime implications of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing. AI can influence content. Through effective data collection and viewers feedback, it can help you to form an opinion about the changing trends. As a result, you can modify the content. You can add better keywords and make the site more engaging. Intelligent tools like Quill, also use templates for making the site risk free and innovative. Needless to say, AI also helps in curation and content creation. It can add to the relevancy of the content by picking up the contemporary issues affecting the business. For example, curated content can help bloggers to choose topics that interest the customers most. All this will help you to fetch customers fast.

Generating Greater Return on Investment (ROI)

Artificial Intelligence offers excellent image recognition features. Online stores can apply them for faster payment procedures. In addition to that, the security issues that arise during online transactions can also diminish. Machine learning can aid in collecting big and refined data effectively from user behaviours. As a matter of fact, you can create a better database design using AI. The end result is a high ROI.

Better Search Sessions

Though search engines work effectively, at times they do not understand what the client is searching for. But with AI, search engines like Google will become smarter and more accurate. Plus, the voice search options will be able to modify or filter their needs. All these will work in predicting customer behaviour, decisions taken while purchasing a product etc. The web behaviour, that is how much time they spend on each site can help the sellers to showcase products and ads.   

Sales Forecast

Business fluctuations are pretty common and can change a business plan in seconds. You need to strategize in such a way that such risks do not affect the flow of your business. But with AI infusion in your company, you can predict the fall or rise of sales. You can then manufacture your products according to requirements. For example, if any particular cloth line is not working in Dubai, you can stop its production and focus on other things. The same policy follows for other sites as well. You can change the trend of gaming experience by infusing AI mechanism.

Better Advertisement

With better user experience and personalized content, branding will become more effective. Since AI can collect huge data in a small amount of time, you can change the brand promotion technique. This will especially be helpful for ad agencies, who can mark the time of advertisement. Moreover, through preference, you can modify the poster. In short, the website impression will be better. To some extent, it will also help in user experience. Since the customers will be saved from watching unnecessary ads that they do not wish to see online.


One of the important reasons why most tech biggest want artificial learning in their company is security. The advanced tools are of top-notch quality and can identify the issues regarding protection. For example, through AI intervention, you can keep a note of workers absenteeism. Similarly, for digital marketing, you can keep a check on the behavioural activities. You can provide better protection to consumer information. Additionally, you can also reduce the chances of phishing. The security measures can definitely help your site to stand out in the crowd.

Understanding the Target Audience

AI, along with other innovations, is bringing cognitive business to the forefront. It is moving beyond segmentation and can lead to personalized communication. Through better brand experience, customers can understand the value of the products. The comparative tools will be able to compare them and understand the changing pattern. Further, AI-powered tools will be able to bring recommendations to help out both marketers and customers. Say for example, while delivering an order, the delivery boy forgets the way. AI navigation tools can show him the way to reach there quickly. Similarly, if any business traveller in UAE airport needs urgent clothes for a meeting, the AI agent can guide him through. Based on the preference, type of party, location weather, the robot voice can explain which one will be better for him/her.

Better User Experience

Understanding client behaviour is the most difficult part of the business. But with Chatbots and better customer service, the issues that the company faces can vanish. AI can also filter the search engines for understanding the trends and the sites that customer search. This approach can help to create fashion cycles and add a touch of innovation in fashion industries. For e-Commerce stores, you can keep a personalized section for the consumers. All these will be able to bridge the gap between people and site owners. The clients will be able to express their need in better fashion. Better interaction, at the same time, can improve sales.

Things to Look Out For While Using AI

Though AI is advantageous, you need to consider some factors. Starting from the client approach to the content, these issues should not be missed. To summarize:

  • Understand the AI marketing strategy for improving sales
  • Make sure you do not present the same content to everyone
  • The infrastructure and range of clients must be checked thoroughly
  • Conversion rates can increase only when the content has top-notch quality
  • Making use of AI across all platforms, that is, it must be mobile ready.

Prospect of Machine Learning for Every Field

The prospect of AI can be felt in every industry. Ceramic, cement, food science, fashion, travel all are applying the fruits of this technological advancement. And now, even the online market is not far from its benefits. As we have already seen, the developers are using machine learning for creating a better impact on the site. We have also discussed the benefits that AI holds for the future of the company. But there is one trouble that still lingers the websites. That is the financial aspect of deploying AI. It is true that AI is evolutionary and expensive. But, it can be hoped that in a few years to come, AI will become accessible for every enterprise. Hope this blog answered all the queries regarding AI and its approach in the digital field. For further queries please read the FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can AI take over digital markets?

Artificial Intelligence finds its answer from machine learning. It can help with better problem-solving. It can also analyze purchase power but it can never surpass digital fields. Digital markets need people, and machines can only smoothen the process.

  • Give examples where Artificial Intelligence is applied

The popular Google Home is specially designed using machine learning. Apart from that, drones, self-driven cars, all use Artificial intelligence. As a matter of fact, all industries are using AI for improvements.Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Marketing

  • What is the disadvantage of AI?

Despite the advancements of technology, there are some issues with implementing Artificial Intelligence.

  1. Cost
  2. Insight
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Coding human language
  • Can machine language help in business to business mechanism?

Yes, artificial Intelligence can help in B2B mechanisms through a better transaction and problem-solving. You can apply it to understand the client preference and issues regarding the production.

  • Is machine language used anywhere in Dubai?

Yes, the famous Burj Khalifa building has used Artificial Intelligence in its base structure. The platform is standing upon 3D cement processing. As a matter of fact, many sites use 3D painting for their company logo. Besides that, hotels use drones for viewing work progress and visitors. This also maintains security.  Machine language also finds its application in human word processors

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