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Reasons to fall in love with artificial wall gardens

Sometimes known as vertical gardens or green walls, artificial wall gardens are increasing in popularity throughout Australia. And for good reason.

What is an artificial wall garden?

Green walls are interlocking panels containing artificial greenery and foliage that are erected and fastened onto a wall to add interest and colour to an otherwise dull setting. Good quality ones mimic the exact colour and shape of real foliage and are hard to tell apart from real living plants.

So, here are the many benefits to having an artificial wall garden in your home and workplace, all of which adds up to a more positive, vibrant and exciting environment.

No gardening skills? No worries

Don’t worry if you seem to be lacking the quintessential green thumb necessary for cultivating healthy plants. With an artificial wall garden in Australia, there’s virtually no upkeep required, beyond the occasional careful wipe down. There’s no chance of dying, browning leaves to sully your beautiful blooms, either. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about engaging the services of a gardener or handyperson to keep your wall alive; this long-lasting alternative will continue to look fabulous for many years to come. It will never become overgrown and invasive, or a challenge to keep under control.

As well as being kind to those who suffer allergies and hay-fever, these products require no synthetic fertilisers to maintain them. There’s no need to worry what kind of chemicals you might be breathing in, or touching because your wall garden needs nothing to keep the bugs away.

Looking good

Wall Gardens

Artificial wall gardens have great visual appeal. They offer plenty of colour and lift to even the most ugly and insipid areas. Best of all, you can incorporate exotic plants and freshen up any space to look alive, healthy and exciting to be around.

These products are also versatile and productive in regions across differing conditions. As they are made from high-end, durable materials, they’re not susceptible to temperature fluctuations, hot sunlight, or appropriate conditions to keep

them alive. They’re also great for creating a natural-looking screen, giving privacy from neighbours, intrusions, or an unattractive view.

These days, you’ll likely notice many real estate agents tout the benefits of adding a green wall to your home when selling it. It’s an eye-catching, simple and very modern way to attract the attention of potential buyers. An artificial wall garden in Australia emits a positive effect on the overall feel of a house or office, inducing calm to those in the immediate surroundings.

Beyond all this, wall gardens are predominantly created in a variety of green tones and shades. In some cases, the colour green has long been known for the soothing and calming effects upon people. It is even said to have the ability to improve reading capability, as well as to inspire a sense of wellbeing and the restoration of depleted energy – all reasons to include these nifty products into your workspace or home.

Variety, shape and size

One of the biggest advantages to this concept is that green gardens can be created to fit virtually any space. Size and shapes vary to match the needs of the location specifically. They are quick to install and can have your home or workplace brought to life in a fraction of the time that real plants take to grow. Best of all, they’re great for those who benefit and excel in a stunning, inspiring environment.

Having an artificial wall garden in Australia is a consideration well worth making. From health and wellbeing to increased house sales, this could be the one design choice that takes your home or office to the high-end look you’ve long been after, all the while cutting the hassle of keeping those blooms alive in the first place.

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