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Artist Push: Music Playlist is Necessary to Expand Your Reach

A musician can now order placements in premium playlists to expand his reach. Artist Push helps artists get free streams for their tracks and access the most popular streaming platforms' playlists. You can gain millions of followers by joining the best playlists of Spotify and other streaming platforms. With the playlist placement, you can boost your play stats in the top streaming platforms. 

The organic playlists allow music artists to increase their stats on the streaming platforms. With the stream music playlist, you can check the stats, streams, and the best playlist that is promoting the artist’s tracks. For playlist placement, you must submit your music to the playlist curators of a streaming service. We have a strong network of more than 2000 curators that accept our submissions easily. These curators currently reach more than 115 million active listeners, and we have a good relationship with these curators.

For an artist, just radio and TV music promotion isn’t enough, and relevant as music lovers prefer streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. However, many creative artists face difficulty getting a place on streaming giants because of the algorithm that these platforms use. These algorithms are responsible for the rise of an artist as they identify the most listened songs and artists, and then they boost them further. Artipush provides this kickstart to the artists because the marketing agency knows how to connect musicians to prominent playlist curators. 

Spotify Wrap - New Personalized Experience Features That Tackle Isolation 

Spotify will not be what it represents in the music streaming industry if even the most stringent time doesn't go over and beyond for its customers. Here are not one but six new features to be in Spotify Unwrapped more than ever before. Unwrapped not only contains many "insights stories" about our favorite stars, music, or podcast but for the year 2020 we can enjoy:

  1. Boring lockdowns will be more fun with brand new in-app quizzes. Spotify junkies can now challenge their knowledge about the app, predicting scores for artists, songs, albums, or podcasts;
  2. You got your Top Song; Spotify creates Story of your 2020, put them together, and embark on a ride throughout your favorite bit evolution. From first play to reaching top charts;
  3. For users who prefer words over music, Spotify deeper dive into podcast listening allows for tracking how much productive time the platform took while sitting on a cozy sofa, with a cup o coffee and your favorite speaker;
  4. Let's admit, all of us like presents, praise, and awards. Spotify is thinking of their best members, and in that manner, the platform creates brand new badges as a peculiar reward for all efforts you put into the music streaming. Your profile can be ennobling with badges like certified Tastemaker, Pioneer, or Collector.
  5. Maybe the biggest and the most remarkable update is seen in New Personalized Playlists. This feature is mixing some amazing services from which we'll mention most honored. Your Top Songs, Missed Hits, On Record, and Wrapped discovery playlist, specially created for all the music you haven't listened to during the year, but the music on the playlists matching your taste to the bone.
  6.  Last but not least, hold your chair as the next paragraphs could spin your mind - the world of Unwrapped starts to be the literal meaning of the word. For the first time in Spotify history, the service unwrapped itself to non-users. Of course, the user experience will not match anywhere near to experience premium accounts have, but this might be the best new year present for people addicted to music and streaming.

New Friday Music Playlist Beloved by Your Fans 

New Music Friday is Spotify’s one of the most popular playlists with 3.6 million subscribers. It features 100 new remixes or songs every week based on different genres and belongs to all types of artists. For most of artists, earning a spot on release week is the biggest opportunity. Every Friday, the editors curate the most popular Friday playlist, and the first-week splash can drastically improve the song’s public profile. If a song gets good ratings for the New Music Friday in internal conversations, it is more likely to get placed in other playlists.

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