For the raw food enthusiasts among us who will be using juicing to improve their health or as part of nutritional therapy,celery juice benefits, or simply a real juice enthusiast because of the high levels of nutrition they supply then they may prefer to go for a lower speed type of juicer. Of all the various low speed masticating juicers now available there is just one that stands out at being able to provide nutritious juices at home and these are known as 'Twin Gear Juicers.


Sorting Out The Facts From The Fiction


As you do your research online,or know about the celery juice benefits and start reading about the subject of selecting a juicer then you can be forgiven for thinking that the slower the juicer is the better the juice it makes. On some sites and when you read some articles you may even find yourself being convinced that the faster the juicer extracts the more of the nutritional value will be destroyed and this simply isn't the case. Even the quickest of these centrifugal juicers can offer you juices with good enzyme levels that enhance one's health and for those who need to extract juice quickly these are ideal.


However if you choose to go for a masticating juicer the quality of the juice is improved and there are certain features that are worth considering when it comes to the slower masticating juicers available. There is an indirect relationship between the qualities of the juice created dependent on the speed of the juicer. Yet there are no rules with regard to this and the results differ due to the different vegetables used to create the juices.


The most important factor which determines how nutritional a juice is will be how much of the plant material has been broken down by the juicer through pressure and abrasion. It is these which determine just how much goodness has been extracted into the juice from the fruit or vegetables used.


If you would like to break down the vegetable fibre more thoroughly then a low speed juicer is needed. However this design constraint has a direct link to speed and quality. So in other words for those who would like to break down plant material thoroughly a juicer design that does this quickly isn't often a lot more expensive than you could afford.


Why Twin Gear Juicers Give The Ultimate Result


However the degree to which the fibre will be crushed and pulverised is more important than the speed and there is no doubt that Twin Gear Juicers can offer you the best way of doing this using a single stage process. These juicers pass the plant material between two stainless steel cylindrical gears which have been precision engineered. As the gears fit so closely together the plant material is cut, crushed and ground thoroughly as the juicing process takes place. Which results in a juice that is not only more flavoursome, has more colour but is also more nutritious.


Also you will find that the twin gear juicers place a great deal more pressure on to the pulp than other types of household juicers, which means the juice yield is much higher so saving you money on the ingredients over the long term. The only way you can really get as much goodness from the remaining pulp is through putting it under tons of pressure using a hydraulic press and this certainly isn't an option for most of us. These particular juices often use 'Bio Ceramic' magnets within the gears and juice collector and this is what some believe helps to preserve the juices nutrients.


Due to the outstanding quality of juice made with the Twin Gear Masticating Juicers these are often what nutritional therapists will recommend their clients use to create fresh living juices to improve their health. These types are particularly good for wheatgrass and green vegetables and are usually high on the list of juices for those people using programs to improve their health. Also the force with which these juicers crush can be used in other ways and come with attachments to allow one to make nut butters, frozen fruit desserts, noodles and much much more.


Which Is The Best Twin Gear Juicer?


In all honesty, all of them are in terms of the results as the designs and patents for the juicing gears are owned by only a number of players in the market and so the results achieved with these juicers is very difficult to tell apart. So choice will be down to your own personal preference.


As different models come with different accessories not only can it prove difficult to choose the right one but also expensive. However, for me there is one model that stands out from the rest offering value for money and that is the Green Power Kempo Juicer. This compact size model is one of the most user- friendly. But you should go for the 1304 model as this is the high grade model that has various accessories and so saves you money.