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Attention: These Mistakes Can Minimize Your Score In IELTS Listening

Do you think you have what it takes to get a high score in the IELTS Listening Test? Enroll in the best IELTS institute in Chandigarh or nearby your location to find out.The IELTS trainers of that institutes can provide you an accurate assessment of your listening skills based on the test’s scoring criteria. Then, based on the results of their evaluation, they’ll help you develop and refine your skills for the IELTS Listening and other modules. Here we are going to tell you some of the things that you should not do during the test.

The goal of each IELTS candidate is to get an ideal band score in each module of the exam. However, sometimes it happens that the mistakes we make during the test breaks the dream of getting higher Score. Making a mistake is common, but still these mistakes can be reduced.

In the IELTS Listening test, candidates have to know that what usually people do wrong and how to avoid them. With this knowledge, candidates can give more emphasis on studying to learn more skills to help get a good score for IELTS Listening examination. Here we are going to tell you some common mistakes in the IELTS listening, which you should not do during the test.

Misspelled answers:

Unfortunately, the raters are very generous while checking your answers. When you miss a word, there is no thought. It is best to listen the the audio recording carefully toavoid this mistake. Listen, the answer you need is in its singular and plural form. Then, after the test, review your answers.

The number of words provided on each blank:

When the instruction says that write three words, write only three words. Writing more than what is indicated is automatically wrong, so read the instructions carefully.

Do not ignore the keywords found in the questions:

Before listening to audio pass, you are given some time to read the questions. Find keywords in questions and listen carefully to them in the way.

Failure to understand the question:

If you do not fully understand the question then you can not find the correct answer to any question. Read the question carefully and guess what the answer might be.

Lose focus on the route:

Multitask while listening for passage Remember that you have to do note-taking and also listen to the answer. Focus on the listening task well and try to block all the unnecessary noise during the hearing.

Except unanswered questions:

If you are unsure about your answer, then taking a wild guess is best. Choose the best option in your mind. Do not leave it unanswered.

Choose the answer without even listening to the whole passage:

When the candidates listen to any one option or they think that what they have heard is already the answer, they immediately choose it. However, there are instances where the speaker provides a more specific answer to the question. The best thing is to listen to the passage before answering.

Poor skill for specific kind of questions:

 A question which gives a big challenge to IELTS candidates is reading maps. If you are unfamiliar with a question type, then getting the right answer can be really difficult. The best solution is to learn all kinds of questions and to learn how to answer them.

Poor Note-taking skills:

While taking notes, always look for key ideas and key points within the audio recording. Write clearly so that you can read your notes when it's time to answer questions.

Wasting the time given to modify the answers:

Review your answers before handing it over. Look for the wrong words or even check those answers if they are the right choice. Also you Can get the Help of your Faculties by joining any Best IELTS Institute in Chandigarh or Nearby Your Location.

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