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Attorneys at law Tips: Things To Do After a Motorcycle Accident

No matter how careful a driver is, accidents may still happen. There are a lot of misfortunes that could happen along the way. There are a lot of misfortunes that could occur along the way. Most of the car crashes that occur daily are because of tricks by Motorcycles. However, if bad luck is on the driver’s side, here are some preventive measures they could do after a motorcycle accident. 


Never Admit Fault

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When a motorcycle accident happens, never admit fault at the scene. One must not concede even if part of the accident is their fault. Saying an apology works like admitting any guilt and any admission which will affect the insurance claim.


There are a lot of interpretations when it comes to vehicle accidents. So, it is up to the law on whose fault it is the accident. It is better to keep the mouth shut and consult first from Attorneys at law especially when in doubt. 

Check Any Injuries

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After an accident, check for injuries. If possible, call 911 and report for anyone that is hurt. The caller that called help is not responsible for the crash.


Move out of the Roadway

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If possible, move the vehicles on the safe side of the road. Make use of flares, hazard lights or warning triangles to send signals to any arriving traffic.


Stay Firm and Never Agree to Forget About it

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Handling the after effects of a motorcycle accident is a bother. Some people insist on forgetting about the incident and just leave everything unsettled. However, even if it's a minor accident, always file an incident report with the police. The insurance company will not cover any damages to medical bills or the motorcycle if there is no official report of the incident.


It is not enough to have a one sided story of just the other driver. They might give inaccurate information. Some drivers persuade of not getting the police involved. It could be proof that they are uninsured or unlicensed. 


Do not immediately call the insurance company.

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Everyone assumes that after an accident, calling the insurance company should be the first move. However, immediately calling the insurance company is a dangerous step to do after an accident. Reporting to the police is the first step and getting a check up for injuries is the next move that every driver must do. 


The insurance company doesn’t know what’s best and they are likely uninterested about the accident. The insurance company will only mind to lessen the cost or even avoid paying anything. A smart move is to call an attorney or consult with an injury-focused law firm like Reid Goodwin Attorneys at law for any measures that a driver can take after the accident.



Being involved in a motorcycle accident is stressful. Usually, a driver’s first concern is their safety. However, if everyone is secured and safe, always have a moment, relax and try to remember these tips and before deciding for a smart move.


Author’s Bio:

Brody Reid is an experienced and zealous trial attorney. Focusing on assisting injured individuals and their families during tough times, Brody has worked tirelessly to help individuals in his hometown in the years since law school. Throughout his career, Brody has successfully represented over a thousand clients in the areas of Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury, and Civil Litigation through jury trials, bench trials, and administrative proceedings.


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