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Attractive Pre Roll Packaging Ideas to Enhance Your Brand Awareness

Pre rolls are basically the rolling and grinding of cannabis flower to make a joint out of it. While handling these products, you need to be very careful. Pre roll packaging in this regard is a great help for the manufacturers and their brands. Unique customization and several personalization options that it provides can easily enhance the authenticity of your brand. The versatility that it provides allows the manufacturers to make sure that their joints can have an astonishing appearance. Below are some ideas in which you can utilize it to gain maximum attention of the customer in your business.

Utilization of quality materials:

You have to make sure that customers are getting a unique experience. You can provide this enhanced experience to the users by improving the quality that you are providing. Utilizing cheap quality paper in the manufacturing of your pre roll boxes can send out a bad and unsatisfied impression on the minds of customers. The perfect packaging of a product proves the reliability and quality of the product inside. So you have to make sure that you are getting your packages by the utilization of high-quality papers like cardboard, kraft, and bux board. Printing, protection, or designing anything that your packaging exposes should be in a qualitative manner in order to get an advertisement for your brand in the market.

Attractive and engaging shapes:

The looks of your pre roll packaging matter a lot in order to improve the looks of your brand in front of the audience. However, you do not have to worry a lot about imposing attractiveness in these boxes. They come in some of the most amazing shapes and styles in the packaging market. You can enhance their visualization by getting them in unique designs that can improve the presentation of your joints. For instance, you can get them separated with paper layers or dividers and form a multi-purpose shape to place your joints elegantly inside them. There are hundreds of ideas that you can utilize for their shapes and designs. This choice of attractive shapes will make your packages communicate better with your customers.

Natural designing:

You have to showcase the authenticity and validity of your brand regarding customer health in order to gain the attention of customers. The unique thing about custom pre roll packaging is that you are already delivering your products in a safe and sustainable solution. The boxes that you get by utilizing this solution are manufactured from the utilization of recyclable and natural materials. Extraction and utilization of natural resources is the reason why this packaging helps a lot in maintaining the eco-friendliness. You can deliver this message to your audience by utilizing natural designs on the surface of your boxes. You have the option of utilizing their printing capacity to produce designs that can showcase the importance of natural materials. In this way, your customers will start to have trust in your brand and its offerings.

Use of inserts:

In the packaging industry, pre-roll packages are already very famous for the maintenance of product protection. This popularity is due to the utilization of durable paper materials. Cardboard, kraft, and bux board are those papers that are the reasons for the durability of these boxes. However, in handling products like pre-roll and other cannabis-related products, the thing that you have to maintain is the taste that your customer receives from them. It is why in delivering them you have to make sure that they would not hit the walls of the boxes. It is why the utilization of custom inserts is necessary in order to deliver what the customer wants. Placeholders, sleeves, and dividers you can utilize any to make sure that your joints are perfectly fixed in the bottom of the box.

Effective use of coatings:

The coating is the way of increasing the appearance of your printed designs and layouts. The colors that you choose for the designing of your pre-roll packages can easily be enhanced by this solution. There are different kinds of techniques available in coatings that have different advantages. For instance, if you want to have a clear, clean, and shiny surface for your boxes, you can utilize gloss coating. And for the enhancement of graphics in a dull but graceful manner, matte is the perfect option. With effective coatings, you can easily increase the longevity of your boxes and the products inside as well. This enhancement of graphics in a protective manner will allow your customers to believe in the quality that you are providing.

Be informative and innovative:

Providing information about the product to the consumers is the responsibility of its manufacturer. This detail can enhance the way in which customers look into your product. What you can tell about your joints are their manufacturing process, ingredients, and other specifications. All you need to get is a readable font, a color scheme, and a printing technique, and you can print all of the information on the boxes easily. Instead of printing directly, you can also utilize labels and tags for this purpose. You can utilize symbols or icons for the special precautions for the utilization of the product, like keeping it at a distance from the children or other things. This will make your customers trust your brand. 


All of these ideas and tricks of utilizing pre roll packaging are the reasons why you can easily maintain a positive image and impression of your brand in the market. Even without the tricks, it holds various functionalities that can boost up your business within a short amount of time. The amazing feature about it is that you do not have to pay a lot in attaining all of its tremendous features for your brand and joints.

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