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Audible Definition Is Any Sound You Can Hear |It Is A Detectable Sound

The audible definition refers to the sounds which we can hear. Some sounds we can hear and some we cannot hear. Those we can hear are audible while those we cannot hear are inaudible. There are many sounds that humans cannot hear. However, on the other hand, the same sounds are audible to animals. It depends on the frequency of sound. Humans can only hear a certain frequency of sounds whereas animals can hear more sounds than humans.

Some ultrasounds are inaudible to humans whereas dogs and other animals can hear this sound.

The other synonyms of this word are check off and automatic. This word is also available in the American dictionary as a name of a football game where at the line of conflict, the play changes. The play changes at the quarterback by using specific spoken code.

Audible Definition And Use In A Sentence

If you want to use this word in your daily life vocabulary and do not know where you can use this word. We can guide you. Here we are mentioning some of the examples which will clear your idea about the use of this word.


  • Your words are audible.
  • The music is barely audible.
  • She makes an audible sigh of relief.
  • The voice of the singer is audible and a treat to the ears.

So, from all the above simple sentences, it is clear that how users can use this term. Whenever you want to say you can hear a specific sound, you should simply say that sound is audible to me. Instead of using a long-phrase, you can deliver your meaning by just using a single word. So, it is a complete audible definition for you.

Elixir Definition

Elixir definition is a tincture containing more than one base. It also shows a compound tincture. A medicine containing various substances is also an elixir. So, there is no single meaning or definition of this word. Several people use this word in several contexts. So, here we will describe each definition and meaning of this word in detail for you. After reading this you will be able to get a clear idea of this expression. Hence, you will be able to use this word in your daily life vocabulary.

Other Meaning Of Elixir

It also shows a medicinal potion. People believe that this medicinal potion can cure all diseases. Few people also reckon that this liquid is the king of all other liquids present on the planet Earth. On the other hand, it also represents a combination of magical medicine that can temporarily relieve the pain and symptoms of any disease. However, many people believe that this magical portion can relieve the symptoms of flu, allergies, and cold.

Examples Sentences

To give you a clear idea, here we are mentioning some examples of this word.

  • Do you believe in the elixir of life?
  • There is no magic elixir for fat loss.

So, from the above examples, the elixir definition and meaning are clear to you. There are many definitions of this word. The most common elixir definition is that it shows a magical substance or potion that can cure all diseases and illnesses. Some people believe that it can give eternal life by curing the symptoms of diseases. Whereas the other definition of this word is that it shows something which is very beautiful beyond imagination.

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