Top 5 Audio-visual Technologies for Exhibitions

5 Audio-visual Technologies to Incorporate in Your Exhibition

In this new era of the digital age, technology has shaped up all the industrial sectors. The consumers are highly taken by new technology and trends. GSE AV Atlanta will make sure all your goals for a virtual trade show are met. Therefore, audio-visual tech is an exciting way to attract attention and provide an interactive experience to the user.  

More and more people are opting for a tech-based event approach when it comes to exhibitions. The reason behind the approach is that audio-visual technology can enhance every aspect of your event and provide multiple creative avenues. Thus, modern events and exhibitions use new technology to be more interactive in this cut-throat competition.  

5 Audio-visual Technologies to Incorporate in Your Exhibition.  

There are different kinds of technologies out there, but you have to consider your budget before making a decision. On that note, this article provides five tech options that could be suitable for your event and don't empty your wallets.  

1. Touch Screen Kiosks 

Touch screen kiosks at your exhibition can offer wide services like interaction and self-service for the user.  

How can you use it in the exhibition? 

This technology allows the exhibition organizer to display information to its attendees and enables the user to explore areas of their choice. It provides a perfect opportunity to demonstrate applications, websites, and brands on a large scale. You can also provide a navigation facility that will help attendees to navigate through your event.  


Self-service kiosks are a great choice when it comes to registration and entry into the exhibition. Instead of hiring more staff, you can install kiosks at the entryways where individuals scan their tickets to gain entry. You can also use facial recognition technology to recognize your attendees. It is a great way to know what your attendees are interested in by assessing the content that they are looking into. If your exhibition is failing to attract attention, you can consult professional event and exhibition companies in Dubai to help you install interactive kiosks in your event to provide an enhanced user experience.   

2. LED Video Walls  

An LED video wall is made by a series of screens tiled together to create a large display area. You can also use LED wall tiles for an extensive range of layout and display options.  

How can you use it in the exhibition? 

Video walls are an excellent way to achieve your vision and create the wow factor in your event. They ensure an immersive visual experience with advanced technology. You can use it in your exhibitions to connect participants and different areas of your exhibition through a live stream.  

Following are some of the ways to use these bespoke walls for displaying content: 

  • Show a live camera feed of the exhibition. 
  • Place video walls in high traffic areas to capture maximum attention. 
  • Get creative and use asymmetrical video walls that are unique. You can also use a curved LED for an enhanced experience.  
  • Don't destroy those beautiful displays with thick bezels. Use ultra-thin bezel screens for seamless visuals.

3. Charging Stations  

Charging stations provide outlets that can power multiple devices at the same time. It is a great advertising opportunity. In a networking event, you CANNOT have your audiences run out of battery on their gadgets. That's why setting up charging stations is an excellent way to attract audiences.  

How can you use it in the exhibition? 

Running low on the battery means low marketing of the exhibition. An attendee with a low mobile phone (other gadgets) battery will need to preserve the battery life, which means no event Snapchats or tweeting. Following are some of the ways to incorporate charging stations in your exhibitions: 

  • Drop and go stations: Assure your attendees by hiring a staff member to monitor phones to ensure a safe return.  
  • Charging lounge: Set up a comfortable lounging area with a charging station where people can network and communicate.  
  • Sponsor Specific Stations: It is a great way to cater to your users' needs and promote the products at the same time. It is a great sales opportunity. 
  • Locker room stations: Provide your users with a secure charging locker where they can leave their phones.  

4. Interactive Mirror Signage  

Mirror signage is a mirror display with touch features. It gives a reflection of the user and is used to share digital information and retail promotion. It has become popular in the retail and cosmetic industry because viewers can see their reflection and digital content at the same time.  

How can you use it in the exhibition? 

Mirror signage can be used to display information or marketing content of your event with the audiences. It ensures that you use most of the event venues in a smart and unusual way. There are proximity sensors installed in the mirror signage that changes the display from advertisements to a mirror when someone is nearby. It automatically starts again after a period of inactivity.  

This technology can be a huge turning point for a fashion exhibition as the mirror technology with an interactive display can transform the user experience. As it reflects the image with computer graphics, it can help the attendees how the clothing item would look on them without having to undress. It can help businesses with sales without increasing the staff or space required for fitting rooms at the event venue.  

5. Touchscreen Tables and Interactive Whiteboard 

Touchscreen tables use different surfaces to display images which the user can interact with and navigate around. Similarly, an interactive whiteboard is a computer screen with a touchscreen display. It can be used for interactive sessions where you can take notes and highlight things.  

How can you use it in the exhibition? 

Touchscreen tables are an excellent way to display information at an exhibition. Exhibitors can use it to show product and app information and showcase different offers. These touchscreens can also be used to display games and allow users to play them and give their feedback.  

Digital whiteboards are replacing projectors and screens in events because it is more interactive and user friendly. It can be used to take quizzes, share videos, conduct polls, and live Q&A sessions. These technologies are hard to find so you can reach out to best exhibition companies in Dubai regarding the installation of devices to transform your exhibition into an interactive experience for the audiences.  

Create an Interactive Event  

Interactive technology can be a great way to enhance the audio-visual aspects of your event. It can ensure maximum engagement, sponsors, and a fantastic experience. The technologies mentioned above present a lot of scopes to incorporate new, trendy tech and gadgets in your event, depending upon your budget.  

Don't be shy and get creative when it comes to planning an exhibition. 

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