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Audiobooks and Forgotten (New Year) Resolutions

Find Support and Motivation to Help Keep Goals From Diet to Keep Fit

It is the middle of the year so we just want to remind you of some of your resolutions and hopefully transform those into lifelong commitments.

Audiobooks can offer help and support to those looking to keep New Year's resolutions. Listen to audiobooks while commuting or on the school run to provide regular focus.

There are a few New Year's resolutions that appear, like clockwork, year after year. By this time most people already forgot about it. We just reminding you. Those resolutions are easy to make and even easier to break. Audiobooks can be a great support to help people keep their New Year's resolutions. The fact that audiobooks can be played on any listening devices and cellphones means that they can be played easily during the day. This can be a great motivator and help to keep people focused on your goals. With such a wide variety to choose from, relevant audiobooks are easy to find.

Lose Weight

One of the most common New Year's resolution that is made by people all over the world is to lose weight. Many people plan to do this by starting a diet. While starting the diet is easy, keeping to it can be more of a challenge. Diet audiobooks can be a great support to people who want to start a both a diet and change their lifestyle to a healthier way of living. There are a wide number of diet audiobooks available. These include popular titles such as Autophagy audiobook The Vegan Keto Diet by Annie Paradox.

Get Fit

Another popular resolution is to get fit. Whether this involves joining a gym or starting a self directed fitness program, keeping motivated is part of the key to success. There are many audiobooks available that can help people with their fitness regime. This includes books that examine different types of fitness and wellness methods, such as yoga or running, in more detail. There are also a large number of fitness motivational audiobooks which will help to keep people focused. In additions to audiobooks that cover the subject of keeping fit, other types of audiobooks, perhaps a fast paced thriller, can be a great accompaniment to a workout in the gym or brisk walk in the park.

Learn a Language

Many people resolve to learn a new language. One of the main drawbacks of this as a New Year's resolution is that classes often start in September or October. An alternative to learning a language in a class is to learn a language using an audiobook. Audiobook language courses are available in virtually every language. Some audiobook courses have been designed with specific groups of learners in mind. Learn a Language in Your Car, for instance, has been designed for people who can listen to an audiobook language course in limited periods of time.

Get Rich

While no one suggests that reading an audiobook will help someone to get rich, there are many books that offer tips for saving and investing or suggest ideas for new business or tips for working more efficiently. One example of this is The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich by Timothy Ferriss and Ray Porter which is a constant bestseller. This type of audiobook is both educational and motivational and will help to provide focus for people looking to improve their lifestyle.

Tips for Finding Good Audiobooks

Libraries offer a good range of audiobooks which can be borrowed for free or a low cost.  This could be a good way to sample different audiobooks and find which are the best ones although most of the libraries are currently closed online is a pretty reliable option.

When someone is considering buying a couple of audiobooks it is worth checking out the membership plans of audiobook stores such as Audible (is it worth it post) and Scribd, as these can represent excellent value for money.

The narrators voice is particularly important in motivational audiobooks. Some audiobook stores offer a free snippet of audio like so people can listen to the narrator before committing to buy the audiobook.

Plus, there a plenty of free option to choose from. Sites like Librivox is completely free and sites like Audible and have a free section.

Remember that good reviews of paper editions of some titles won't always apply to the audio version. Audiobooks may not have images and illustrations which may be important in some cases, for instance a keep fit book.

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