What Is VAT and It's Examples

A VAT is a consumer tax levied on products at every point of sale where value has been added, starting from raw materials and going all the way to the final retail purchase. Ultimately, the consumer pays the VAT; buyers receive reimbursements for the previous VAT they paid at earlier stages of production. Usually, VAT is expressed as a percentage of total cost. For example, the consumer pays $115…
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7 PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS OF OHM LAW FOR DAILY BASISOhm’s Law: Not all electrical components follow the ohm law, but this does not mean that the application is not restricted. There are many applications to the law of ohms and many of them are important in everyday life. Not many people realize how ohm law can be used every day or how the law begins to be used in different equipment…
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Why Should You Minify js (JavaScript)?

Why Minify js (JavaScript)? Minify js: When I was at Global Coding Community, I suggested that all JavaScript production should be minimized. This seemed like something simple about what would not push me again. After all, the main JavaScript packages do it and all the…
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Top 05 Reasons Writer Must Use Word Counter Tool

Word Counter Tool: There are a lot of things in a writer that account for how great of a writer he or she is. One of the most obvious ones of these is the ability of the writer to come up with great ideas to write on. If the writer gives away new ideas and innovative thinking, the writer will be appreciated. Likewise, look into the writer’s ability to formulate a well-constructed argument. The…
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