Technology & Gadgets

South Africa Wakes Up From Its Slumber

In the domain of smartphones, Apple is associated with the United States of America, China relates to Huawei with Korea closing in on Samsung. The dark houses of the world South Africa has finally woken up from its slumber with an ambitious Mara project expected to take the world by storm. The brain child of this project is a billionaire and business man of Rwanda known as Ashish Thakkar. At the…
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Health & Fitness

How can you know the tentative date for your delivery?

We all are very much aware of the fact that the feeling of being a mother is probably the best feeling in this entire whole universe. Nothing in this world can make you feel any better than having your own child in your arms. A woman would never feel as complete as when and after she holds her own baby. And it is very normal for a woman to be concerned about the timings related to her pregnancy…
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BusinessHome Improvement

The Fine Perks of Inverter Trolley for Your Home

Inverters are highly important in office and households. You always require one when there is a power misbalance and all the works stay on hold. However, have you given a thought that how you are going to use and move the thing around in your home or office because the battery and the device both are very heavy? Thus, you need to get an online luminous inverter trolley. It will give you the…
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4 Essential Things Related To Cake Gifting

If you are in a habit of giving gifts to your loved ones on different occasions that is a great thing. You should always make your near ones feel special and happy.  However, what do you give them as a gift? Is there any specific thing that you choose to give them?Cakes…