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Success Doesn’t Lead to Happiness [Find out how] Success Doesn't Lead to Happiness

All my life, I was told I needed to work hard to be successful. Why should I be successful? To be happy, was the answer I got. This class equation has persisted for generations. Hard work = Success = Happiness. But how often in life is that true? What is happiness in real terms? Bill […]

7 Best Practices How to Overcome Business Security Issues

Have you ever given a thought to how many machines, gadgets, and devices are existing around us? These machines run our businesses and keep all our important records. These devices are carriers of our most important documents and data. With cloud technologies, our confidential business data is secured in an online space. We access that […]

The Benefits of Online Health Safety Courses for Your Business Benefits of Online Health Safety Courses

I’ve been lecturing in established business settings for the better part of the last 10 years. And in my current stage of professional evolution, if there’s one thing I absolutely swear by, it’s health safety courses. I make it a point, during all of my,  normally loud, presentations before business leaders, to emphasize their importance. […]

8 Important Tips Why Your Business Should Be on Instagram Your Business Should Be on Instagram

Since the inception of Instagram, it has proved to be a great marketing tool. And that’s true for businesses of any size and stature. The visibility of products and brand exposure are achieved without too much effort. So, if you are a business owner, you need to jump onto the Insta bandwagon. Whether you own […]