Author: dan.radak

How to Build Social Media Brand from Scratch?

The booming social media ecosystem has opened up exciting new opportunities for brands. Namely, they are in a solid position to reach and delight a huge audience. The only problem is that while options are abounding, so is the competition. To make it more complicated, there is a lot of ground to cover and one […]

Invaluable Tips for Running a Successful Home-Based Business

Being a home-based entrepreneur is a twofold dream come true, seeing as how A) you don’t have anyone above you and B) don’t even have to leave your home (or your pajamas) to make a living. Nevertheless, not everything is as simple or as ideal as it sounds. After all, with so many telecommuters and […]

5 Tips for Reducing Your Startup’s Overhead

There is more than one way to increase your profit and boost your budget even without increasing your productivity. Sure, getting newer equipment, motivating your employees and hiring new people cannot be done indefinitely. Soon, you’ll be faced with a new challenge, and you’ll have to find a way to reduce your startup’s overhead. By […]

5 Tips for Setting Up Your First Startup Office

While some companies start as one-person startups and then move into an office, others still tend to initiate their life as a business in a traditional way. Either way, you need to ensure that the place you lease out is big enough, as well as that it can support your corporate infrastructure. In fact, the […]

5 Office Trends for Creating a Work-Friendly Environment

The productivity of your employees is not necessarily something that depends on their individual traits. Sure, there are some employees that are always bound to outperform, regardless of the circumstances, yet, even they can experience a productivity boost in the right work environment. Luckily, by embracing several design and management trends, you can create an […]

5 Reasons Why Forex Trading is So Popular in Australia

Online trading is constantly gaining more and more popularity and forex is one of the instruments Australians like trading with the best. In fact, chances are you’ve already heard stories about the people who’ve managed to make a lot of money by trading with foreign currencies. But what is it that makes forex trading so […]

5 Advantages of Transcribing and Captioning of Your Company’s Content

Right now, it seems like people are keen on using audio or video formats rather than reading. This is the case because they find such formats to be more mobile-friendly and more stimulating. However, transcribing and captioning any audio and video content you produce is still a good idea. And if you’re wondering why, here […]

6 Technologies That Are Changing How Businesses Operate

Rapid advances in technology are reshaping every part of modern lives. This is especially true in business because that’s where new gadgets and software can save the most money and thus help companies grow. Almost every aspect of running a business is changing these days but the innovation is most noticeable when it comes to […]

5 Tips for Maintaining and Managing a Successful Project

The success of individual projects is what leads to general success. However, it often happens that a project breaks the deadline and requires a greater budget than was originally estimated. On the other hand, even such projects aren’t necessarily regarded as failures, although a timely delivered project, within the planned scope and below the set […]

Top 5 Recruitment Strategies You Might Want to Consider in 2018

When it comes to recruiting new talent, a lot of people focus on CV and interviews, while they completely fail to see the bigger picture. The message you send during your recruitment, the number of applications you receive and the way in which you approach the recruitment process itself are equally as important. Seeing as […]