Author: DavidK

4 Smart Tips to Increase Office Organization and Productivity

One of the main causes of dwindling productivity is a chaotic and messy workspace. Yes, most of us do not have the time to organize our office. But, if we were to know just how much disorganization costs us, we would quickly reconsider. We all know that saying “time is money”. So, making the most […]

Revolutionize Your Investing In 2019 With These Easy Tips

Investing is something everyone should be familiar with. You’re essentially using your experience and technical knowledge to roughly guess the worth of a stock or asset. It’s pretty simple when it’s laid out this way, but there are hundreds of factors that you have to consider. The market is extremely volatile and you need to […]

Business Failure: How to Get Back On Your Feet?

There are many reasons why your business might fail and every single successful person in history has tasted defeat at least once in their career. When you take into a consideration that people like Walt Disney and Abraham Lincoln went bankrupt at one point in their lives, it will no longer sound like a piece […]

Essential Steps for Creating a Safe Working Space

Work safety is of the biggest concerns in today’s business. Lawsuits have forced even the most stubborn of employers to take greater care of the level of safety measure at the workplace. Of course, a good manager or an entrepreneur knows that workplace safety has little to do with sticking to the legislature but it […]

Psychology Tricks That Will Help You Improve Your Online T-Shirt Business The human mind works in mysterious ways, but some of these ways are quite predictable. Marketing is one area that knowledge of the human mind can really help. There are tons of psychological tricks that can make people look at your products longer and even purchase them. There’s no reason not to take advantage of this while you still can, so here are some examples you can use.

1. The left-digit effect It’s one of the most common ways to affect product sales. You’ve probably seen prices that end in ninety-nine cents more than a few times. It might seem like an unusual trick to pull, but you’d best believe it works. Even if you consciously know that one cent separates you from […]

Memorandum Of Understanding: Is Your Business In Need Of One?

What is a memorandum of understanding? Abbreviated as MOU, it is a nonbinding agreement between two parties. Basically, it is something between a contract on paper and a deal made with a handshake. In other words, it is a written argument that is used as a foundation for making an actual contract in the future. […]

Green Your Business & Save Money: A How-To

The fact that more and more companies are working toward being environmentally friendly is more than just a trend – they’re doing it because they’ve realized it’s also saving them money. Running a green business provides you with many advantages by leaving more money on the table which you can invest back into the business […]