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5 Best Spotify Alternatives for Streaming Music

Spotify lets you stream millions of songs by different artists from all around the world. You can explore all music genres and listen to various podcasts inside it as well. It has conquered the hearts of many and very useful for music lovers. However, it asks you to upgrade to paid version from time to […]

8 Best Apps for Smart Farmers

Agri-tech has come a long way in creating innovative techniques for farmers. The digitized transformation through satellite mapping, weather forecasts, drones, robotic harvesters, and AI have led to reformative food production en masse for the global population. Farmers, they sure have a knack for technology, which enables them to keep up with the pace of […]

6 Best Apps for Gardeners & Naturalists

Gardening is a soul-soother, it’s enriching and a way of connecting with nature. But not everyone has a keen eye for planting and landscaping. It needs practicing acumen in the field of farming to nurture plants, as they are also  living entities. With the list of the following hand-picked apps, keen naturalists and gardeners can […]

Best Ways To Clear Memory And Increase Windows RAM

It gets a bit irritating whenever your system works slowly in this busy world. Go through this blog carefully to know about some top methods for clearing out old memory and boost the present RAM in a Windows system which is working slow. Some of the primary reasons behind the slow working of your system […]

Pokemon GO: Confirmed Reappearance of Rayquaza in Upcoming Raid Battle

Niantic has finally confirmed that Pokemon GO fans would have a chance to grab on to the Rayquaza again. All those trainers who missed the opportunity of catching a Rayquaza and those who want to complete their Pokedex have a special event to look for. Niantic has announced that with the upcoming weekend trainers of […]

Battlefield 5: Firestorm Battle Royale Mode Footage Leaked

The latest video leak has brought across a new Firestorm mode in the Battlefield V. This firestorm mode is associated with currently trending battle royale online shooter game, and this new video leak has revealed such inclusion of battle royale style in the Battlefield 5. The latest video reveal has pointed out to various in-game […]