Author: DawnJCastell

7 Ways Marketing can help Nonprofits Achieve their Goals

A nonprofit is an organization that performs certain activities for a noble cause. They are driven by a desire to better the lives of people rather than their personal gain as for-profits. Interestingly, most people think than non-profits don’t need marketing because they are not selling anything at a profit. But that’s not true. Non-profits […]

Software That Every Business Needs in 2019

The market for business software is positively saturated. If there’s a task a business needs to accomplish, chances are there’s a software solution designed to assist with that. Investing in too much software can easily become expensive, and difficult to determine which are crucial and which are extraneous. Below are some important pieces of software […]

Start Your Home Business On The Right Foot With These Tips

Owning and running a home based business out of your home has many benefits. Owning a home based business means that all of your work efforts go to you and your well being rather than a big company. You can make a lot of money from your home business and create something of lasting value […]

6 Pros and Cons to Hiring Foreign Workers

It’s easier than ever to hire international workers thanks to the Internet. Some foreign workers offer their services at low rates. International employees aren’t going to be the right fit for every company. If you’re considering hiring international staff as part of your business, then you should consider the following list of pros and cons. […]

Time Management Tricks for Office Settings

While money can’t buy happiness, it can certainly buy plenty of things to improve well-being. One thing that no amount of money can buy, however, is time. It is therefore quite beneficial to follow some helpful time management activities in order to better manage your time and ensure for optimal productivity and well-being. Luckily there […]