Author: DawnJCastell

The Necessity of a Good Work Culture Making work a place where employees want to stay

When we think of the word “culture,” our minds probably first go to traveling abroad. We think of exploring new places or learning new languages. What the word doesn’t bring to mind nearly as quickly is your office space. Being in a typical office around people you see every day doesn’t have the exotic flair […]

Simple Methods on How to Protect Your Computer from Natural Disasters

Natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes appear to be on the rise and can damage your computer. Lightning strikes, fire, and extreme temperatures can cause significant physical damage and would lead to the loss of data. However, with the right measures, you can protect your computer from these natural disasters and still have […]

Why It Is Beneficial to Send Your Employees Back To School Education has never been more important, here are some reasons to increase your employee's education.

Companies of all sizes know how important it is to provide employees with workplace education and training. This means the difference between high turnover and strong employee loyalty. Workplace education and training can take many forms, including sending employees to attend meetings, allowing them to return to school, inviting speakers to the office for presentation, […]

How to Make Your Online Business Thrive

Online businesses are the way of the future. With each passing day, more and more entrepreneurs are trying their hands at this form of income. Some of the major advantages to this business model include lower risk, a lower barrier of entry and minimal startup costs. It is important to remember that starting an online […]

Tips for Employee Wellness Programs

There is a lot of resources available. In fact, many companies do not have a specific plan to administer their health programs. This is because health programs can easily be administered by committees or mixed with responsibilities of similar employees. Your health program should not create additional stress. It focuses on the health of the […]

How to Coach Businesses On The Consumer Journey Coaching on the Consumer Journey

Marketing to Customers It is important for companies to understand the consumer journey. It is your job as a marketer to teach businesses how it all works. Marketing is about impacting the customer through intersections or contact points that marketers are constantly looking for. For many years, the “journey” has been understood as the point […]

Understanding Enterprise Data Catalogues

The following article outlines everything you need to know about an enterprise data catalog. A good data catalog is a way to search for data sources, to automatically discover or sort data related data sources, and to find sources of data collected. You can analyze data values, automatically record data or use APIs or search […]

Is it Cost-Effective For My Business to Go Solar? Going Solar

What is Solar Energy? Solar energy is free and abundant. This idea attracts many industries and businesses. Because it is also an environmentally friendly way to generate electricity. From a number of advantages, investors are interested in investing in the sun’s power. It gives businesses the right to use electricity generated by these solar panels. […]

The Importance of an HR Department for a Start-up

If you are just starting your business, you may find yourself doing most of the work since your capital resources are limited. In fact, if you have the budget, you are more likely to hire a finance person than a human resource expert. Interestingly, you are not alone. Most startups rarely see the need to […]