How Businesswomen Can Stay Successful While Juggling Other Hats

Image courtesy of Unsplash These days, women can be pulled in more directions than ever before. Raising children, maintaining a household, tending aging parents, and so forth can have women who run their own businesses meeting themselves coming and going. As a result, stress levels for women in the workplace seem to be soaring, which some experts attribute to bearing so many responsibilities.
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The Hidden Costs to Watch Out for When Switching Jobs

Photo via Pexels. A change in careers is a daunting prospect for any woman, but it’s one that is almost always worth the effort. If you are feeling unhappy or unfulfilled in your current career, making the decision to switch things up can be both empowering and…

Streamlining Your Small Business

Business owner, mother, household manager — the modern woman entrepreneur has a lot on her plate. Recent research has found that even as women work more and earn more, they still carry the bulk of responsibility around at home. The fight for change is on, but in the meantime, how in the world are women supposed to manage it all? You can’t make the laundry wash itself, but you can…
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