Author: jacquelinepeters

How Does Dressing Smartly At Work Improve Your Performance? What you’re wearing can have a profound effect both on how you feel and on how you’re perceived by others.

One study from Stormline shows that 78% of people would still voluntarily choose to dress well even if their workplace didn’t have a dress code – and that’s down in large part to the effect on performance. Going to work shouldn’t be a fashion parade, of course – but as anyone who has ever worked […]

Revolutionizing Your Business While Tapping Into the Growing Market of Internet Users The Internet Has Changed the Way We Do Business

Statistics released in the year 2018 have shown the world’s population currently stands at slightly above 7.6 billion, with over half of that number comprising of active internet users. This serves as a great reason to revamp traditional business practices and incorporate modern strategies to help you tap into a market of roughly 4 billion people. […]