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Without Taking a leave, Visit These 7 Destinations near Bangalore

Do you hate when your boss frowns by your mere mention of “leave”? Do you dread Mondays? Are you bored with your mundane lifestyle? And, most importantly, do you live in Bangalore? If the answer to most of these questions is a ‘yes’, then go on and read this article. We have accumulated a list of exotic destinations near Bangalore, which can be your perfect weekend getaway destinations…
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Arts & Entertainment

What's Indie Music Anyway?

Few years back I was at a friend’s birthday party when I overheard this splendid track. Within moments I found that song getting stuck to the wires of my brains and repeating itself in a loop like that lingering after-taste of my favourite ice-cream. I remember coming back…
Home Improvement

What Do Flea Bites Look Like And How To Treat Them

Fleas are common parasites on dogs, cats or furry animals. They stick to the host body and make a living by sucking host’s blood. The bloodsuckers cannot fly, but they can jump pretty well, thanks to strong legs. They increase their number at a rapid rate by laying eggs every day and it just takes one or two weeks for the eggs to grow into adult fleas. Basically, fleas don’t take human as…
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Here is what determines The Price of a Cake

Whether you wish to do online cake order or want to approach a local baker for the purpose, knowing how much the cost will be is important. While the price essentially depends on the kind of cake and number of stacks you want in the cake, there are other factors that come…

Exporters of tents for convenience

There are large variety of tents available that are durable, affordable and suit almost all weather condition and other requirements. People who are adventure enthusiast and nature lovers often travel to destinations like the wildlife sanctuaries and enjoy camping among…

Do the Gestures beyond Their Expectations

There are plenty of options in this contemporary era. There is no doubt that you can have whatever you are looking for. But what if you are not putting efforts? Exactly, you know what; you can make your days even more special and precious through your ways. Once you have the right things in your hand, you can end up with rejuvenation and satisfaction. Right things like what? Well, if you are…
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Flower Delivery in Udaipur

Flowers form an important part of our life. Flowers can do wonders to a broken heart, flowers are important on all occasions. You need no occasion to buy or gift flowers. Just a casual flower bouquet on any normal day will also make it a special occasion. It is said that…

Personalized Coffee mugs for your loved ones:

Whenever we want to gift something to the most special person in our life we are always confused. This confusion makes us visit the entire market which is surely wastage of time. Gifting dresses, showpiece, jewelry, accessories, soft toys, and cards are quite common these…