Author: mackjohn

Virtual Disk is Not Accessible On the Host Unable To Access File Error

Hi everyone! When I try to power on my one of my virtual machines I got this error Virtual disk is not accessible on the host unable to access file error. Can anyone tell me the reasons why I am getting this error and also how to recover the data from the virtual machine disk […]

Recover Data From VHD File If You Are Recieving Virtual Machine Error

We know that if the corruption takes place in the virtual machine file, the user has to face fatal data loss. The virtual Hard disk is the file extension for a disk image file format for storing the complete contents of the hard disk file. The virtual hard disk file is the type of file […]

VMDK File not Found Error in VMware – Learn How to Resolve Efficiently

“ Hello everyone while accessing virtual machine it was showing a message like this: File Win2012.vmdk was not found. I am facing this kind of problem. Can any tell me how can I recover and repair the .vmdk file data? If the above, query seems to be familiar to you and if you stuck in […]