Author: NateV

5 Things You Need to Know When Buying a Refurbished iPhone

Today, people rely on using their smartphones in their everyday lives. It’s difficult to imagine someone who doesn’t have such a phone these days. In addition, smartphone users can be divided into two categories, Apple and Android users. With that in mind, Apple has sold 217.72 million iPhones on a global scale. However, not everyone […]

How to Prepare for Retirement: 5 Investment Options

Retiring is a long-term commitment. How much money you will have to spend in later life, relies on the decisions you make in the present. That’s why you need to consider it carefully, re-invest your assets, and create a suitable financial plan for the future. Use the assets you have now to invest it in […]

Best Customer Retention Strategies for Retailers

In recent years retail brands have  developed a greater focus on establishing good relationships with their customers, instead of just trying to sell their products. With market dynamics constantly shifting in one direction or another, customer retention has been the primary focus for retail brands as they struggle to repeatedly win over customers and compete […]

Social Media for Small Business Should You Do It Yourself?

Social media platforms have become a hub for not just social interactions, but also for business promotions and visibility. Social media provides numerous advantages and benefits to companies. Not only are you able to engage directly with your target audience, but you can also establish a presence for your business. This is especially important for […]

Types of People Who Will Help You Succeed in Your Business Faster

Recruiting is a boon and bane of success in a modern business world. Every new employee has the potential to accelerate growth, but also to disrupt workflows and human relationships.  So, does it all come down to experience, personal qualities, qualifications, drive, cultural fit, or is there something else as well? Well, I would argue […]

How To Do Market Research For A B2B Company

Good knowledge of the market has always been one of the major prerequisites for any business trying to demonstrate long staying power. These days when marketing methods are undergoing huge changes, and B2B customers regularly use as much as six different interaction channels before making a purchase decision, coming up with answers to whom, how […]

Adjusting Your Marketing Strategy for Business Growth

When planning a marketing strategy, you need to keep in mind that your business won’t remain of the same capacity, renown and network of contacts for long. As your operations expand, the expectations will rise and you’ll have to find a way to deal with newly-arisen situations. Therefore, when choosing which marketing trends and principles […]

6 Reasons Your Business Needs Local SEO

Regardless of the size of your business, local SEO is one of the marketing techniques that give the best ROI. We say regardless of the size since this trend can benefit small local businesses, subsidiaries or local branches the same. Still, while major conglomerates have the privilege of a strong global brand, small businesses and […]

6 Things That Turn Ecommerce Customers Away

Nowadays, there are many ecommerce stores and many more are being established every day. The main reason is that consumers find it more convenient to do their shopping online. However, not every ecommerce business is successful. The fact of the matter is that modern-day consumers have certain expectations when it comes to their online shopping. […]

How Technology Is Shaping the Modern Workplace in Australia

Various technological advancements are slowly but surely shaping the way Australians do business. The work-related hardware and software were only available to large companies and corporations a decade ago. Today, these advancements are being utilized by small and medium-sized businesses as well, allowing them to be profitable without having to invest enormous amounts of money […]