Author: NateV

5 Business Processes You Should Automate in 2019

In recent decades, technology has become an inextricable part of everyday life, and a vital component of every process in the competitive business world. Nowadays, you are either implementing smart software and hardware across your operation, or you are falling behind, there is no middle ground. With the New Year well under way and new […]

How Voice Assistants are Shaping Customer Behavior During the Holiday Season

With the most hectic shopping period of the year behind us, veteran marketing experts know now is not the time to rest. Now is the time to analyze the season that ended, because the experienced ones know that in order to have a bulletproof marketing strategy in place for the next year, you have to […]

5 Lead Business Technology Trends in 2019

New technology is always driving changes in the business industry. Technology also drives new trends on the market that influences consumer behavior in many ways. In other words, new technology disrupts industries and forces them to adapt, in order to improve their efficiency and overall performance. Companies are constantly on a lookout for technological trends […]

5 Things You Need to Know When Buying a Refurbished iPhone

Today, people rely on using their smartphones in their everyday lives. It’s difficult to imagine someone who doesn’t have such a phone these days. In addition, smartphone users can be divided into two categories, Apple and Android users. With that in mind, Apple has sold 217.72 million iPhones on a global scale. However, not everyone […]

How to Prepare for Retirement: 5 Investment Options

Retiring is a long-term commitment. How much money you will have to spend in later life, relies on the decisions you make in the present. That’s why you need to consider it carefully, re-invest your assets, and create a suitable financial plan for the future. Use the assets you have now to invest it in […]

Best Customer Retention Strategies for Retailers

In recent years retail brands have  developed a greater focus on establishing good relationships with their customers, instead of just trying to sell their products. With market dynamics constantly shifting in one direction or another, customer retention has been the primary focus for retail brands as they struggle to repeatedly win over customers and compete […]